photoWelcome. I’m WriterJax, I’ll be your blogger today.

A few bits about me:

  • I love vintage clothes, antique books, The Police (the band, not the institution), beer, cooking, baking, photography, kayaking, and dancing badly (because I can’t dance well).
  • I have a BA in English and a MS in organization development (so now, not only can I quote Shakespeare, but also balance my checkbook. Nearly all of the time).
  • I’ve played the violin for 41 years — really? — and have been singing, either for cash or at least in front of crowds, for 22. Back in the day, my former band Singer Bad Dancer appeared on Mtv (once, for 30 seconds, and it was audio only) and contributed a tune to the independent film Nowheresville. If you search for the band on YouTube, you can find clippage. Today, I largely supply background tracks and background noise at the odd event here and there.
  • I can’t cook Indian food. It is beyond me.
  • I live to write, and I write to live. I’ll shamelessly make you look at my recent work; to quote Arlo Guthrie, I’m not proud, or tired.
  • As soon as the sentence ‘I believe in Twitter’ escaped my lips, I’ve been hooked on social media and its endless potential. I founded Thirty-something Bloggers in 2007, and in 2008 I helped launch PCWM, a regional PodCamp that went on to become the longest running of its kind in the Northeast. Now, my social media presence is truncated as the landscape shifts, but I’m still on a few public platforms as writerjax.
  • This blog is a collection of things I see and hear along with news bits and musings on all things I find relevant or just neat-o. Over the years, this blog has morphed from personal journal to essays to strictly professional to a mix of all of the above. As I continue to find my voice, it’s still changing and growing.
  • My logo was designed by Merrilee Aurora Hale.
  • Bullet points.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. redpeffer says:

    Hi, found you via LinkedIn. Unbelievably, I followed a suggestion from my technophobe father and on his advice am trying to find like minded freelancers. He gave me a good tip so thank you Dad and thank you Jaclyn for your fascinating blog.


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