PodCamp Western Mass. Turns Five

PodCamp Western Mass. 5 (PCWM),  convened on Saturday, March 30 at Holyoke Community College’s Kittredge Business Center. PCWM, in short, is a full day of lively discussion, info-sharing, and plenty of documentation via smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The event welcomes anyone interested in learning more about social media and networking, from beginners to advanced practitioners. … Continue reading PodCamp Western Mass. Turns Five

Look, Mom! I’m in the Newspaper!

It's actually a little embarrassing to be in your hometown newspaper in your thirties -- a fact I didn't realize until the article dropped and I remembered that the last time I was in the Cape Cod Chronicle I was 17 . That said, the interview with writer Debra Lawless was fun. A fellow 'Capie,' … Continue reading Look, Mom! I’m in the Newspaper!

I Would Like, If I May, to take you on a PodCamp Journey.

Saturday, Feb. 25 brought with it the fourth installment of an annual event that's become as ingrained in me as my loves for pasta and cheese. PodCamp Western Mass. 4 convened at Holyoke Community College and welcomed more than 120 campers. Brings a tear to my nerdy little eye. This is a holy day for … Continue reading I Would Like, If I May, to take you on a PodCamp Journey.

Show. Me.

It's official - my first episode of Social Media Circuit, a webshow I'm hosting on The Businews Channel, has dropped on to the interwebs! After months of secret meetings, photo shoots, video tutorials, script writing, and scheduling,  the 20 hosts of The Businews Channel are off and running in all directions. From social media to … Continue reading Show. Me.