The Top 10 WriterJax Posts of 2022

Reviewing a year of blog posts is similar to culling photos for the annual holiday card. It's an exercise that sparks memories, offers reassurance that the year was busier or more well-spent than remembered, and always uncovers a few gems in the batch, suitable for (re)sharing with others.

Blogtober Playlist 2022

This year’s mix is kinda witchy, a little psychedelic, and a blend of new and throwback. …and here is 2021’s foray, to fortify:

Blogtober Travels: Berkshire Botanical Garden’s Annual Harvest Festival

Berkshire Botanical Garden’s 87th annual Harvest Festival rules the October long-weekend here in the Berkshires. A massive, two-day, multi-parking lot event, it’s a shindig that dates back to BBG’s founding and includes a little something for everyone. We went to the party on Saturday, starting off with Tom Ricardi’s program on birds of prey and … Continue reading Blogtober Travels: Berkshire Botanical Garden’s Annual Harvest Festival

Blogtober Viewing Round-up, Part One

Choose or Die A solid tech-horror with a voice-only cameo by Robert Englund, vacillating between present day and the 1980s in storyline, software, and scenery. Girl on the Third Floor Really-very-poorly-named film with a main character who's hard to like. Still, it's a haunted house movie. Dahmer (series) That new Ryan Murphy show everyone is … Continue reading Blogtober Viewing Round-up, Part One