Six Months and Counting: Let’s all admit it’s bad TV getting us through

To paraphrase Bare Naked Ladies, it’s been … six months of self-quarantine.

On March 13, I was officially sent home along with other remaining co-workers to work remotely for an undetermined period of time.

One-hundred-eighty-four days later, I’m still here, and spiced up the day-to-day grind with a convenient trimalleolar fracture in July that, thus far, has required two surgeries. So, due to ever-changing guidelines that affect me working on-site at my job plus this whole no-mobility thing, I’ll be working and convalescing from home for a little bit longer. Remote schooling starts tomorrow for my daughter, too; our living-room looks like a Wayfair Call Center.

But, I’m not here to blog about the trials of 2020; we are all well acquainted at this point. Rather, I’m here to talk about 90 Day Fiance.

90DF — that’s what those of us who are too deep to get out call it — has been around for a while, but it was only this year that I finally dove in to what I previously thought was ‘too trashy’ a show for my liking. Seven seasons later, I’ve met every couple to ever K-1 their way on to the show, kept up with the countless spin-offs, downloaded at least five different podcasts dedicated to the franchise, and started making 90DF-specific crafts to share with my new, anonymous 90-Day friends on Reddit. There was also a nine-hour leak of tell-all footage floating around at one time … or so I heard.

My point here is this is not just a show to pass the time; it’s a whole lifestyle that includes home decor, should you choose to go that route. Etsy has a massive selection, ranging from wine glasses to wall art. Need a date night? 90-Day ideas — sometimes uncensored — aren’t hard to find. And cast-member David Toborowsky is often only a Tweet away, should you find the need to connect with someone (seriously, this guy is nothing if not responsive).

Looking for good listens? Here are my top five podcasts of the 90DF Variety:

1 90 Day Cray Cray

2 90 Day Gays

3 420 Fiance

4 The Fraudcast

5 90 Day Fiance Trash Talk

90DF ‘I can tote it’ mask via RedBubble

V-Day 2020: Cultural References and All the Fixins

Huzzah and Hello, weirdos! Today marks the fifth annual Weird Valentine Gift post here at WriterJax, and this year is a good one. It’s almost as though society in general has, somehow, become more accepting of the fringe.

I kid. Still, as we head toward VD 2020, I give you five contenders for holiday gift-giving. Go forth and browse to your heart’s content!

Don’t Torture Yourself, Gomez.

Send your favorite horror-file, or least-favorite-person in general, a bouquet of Dirty Rotten Flowers this year, like The Morticia arrangement below. Bonus: the testimonial page on this website is gold, Jerry. Gold.

You Had Me at Au Gratin

For the pun-tacular person in your life who’s all ears, I give you the Potato Parcel. This item was actually featured on Shark Tank and has been sending spuds around the world ever since, including those adorned with photos of the recipient.

Couple Goals

No one knows ’til death do we part like Jack and Sally. Let’s celebrate that love with gaudy-ass jewelry.

Put Some Pink in your Drink

This is too pretty not to share: pink chai tea from Lee.

The Rest is Gravy

No Valentines Day is complete without something unctuous, and when it comes to unctuous, I always vote gravy.