Met Gala 2019: Because We Camp Camp Camp

This year’s Met Gala (actually the opening celebration for the Camp: Notes on Fashion Exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art) welcomed the extremely-invited-only to show off their best interpretations of ‘camp’ as it relates to fashion. As usual, this means there will be so many terrible interpretations on the red carpet, but also many that are great. Below are just a few of my favorites, given their own snarktastic awards (in keeping with the theme, of course.)

The I-Shoulda-Been-at-the- 2016-Met-Gala Award goes to:

Jourdan Dunn Zac Posen x GE Labs x ProtoLabs (with 3D printed flower petals) gown; Jacob & Co. Jewelry

Jourdan Dunn in a Zac Posen x GE Labs x ProtoLabs (with 3D printed flower petals) gown and Jacob & Co. Jewelry. Dunn looks amazing and the massive, glinting 3-D flower on her skirt surely fits the camp theme. But she would have ruled the day at the 2016 gala, themed Man x Machina and centered largely on man-made fabrics at its best moments.

The SJP Might Need to Move Slightly to the Left Award goes to

Lily Collins at the 2019 Met GalaLily Collins channeling her inner-most Priscilla Presley in Giambattista Valli and Cartier ‘Magnitude’ jewelry. Collins has shown up on my Met Gala wrap-lists before, and dare-I-say, she’s nailing it every time. Unless you’re readying to bow out, Sarah-Jessica, take note.

The Does She Know this was Ironic — We May Never Be Sure Award goes to


Joan Collins in Valentino Haute Couture, championing a truly lovely friendship between she and the design-house, according to her — but also embodying her former Dynasty character so much one can’t help but wonder: was she reprising a campy character, or arriving in what she felt most comfortable? Or both??

The Liberace-Liberated Award goes to

Ryan Murphy in Christian Siriano

Ryan Murphy, in Christian Siriano, hefted a 100-pound, orange, bejeweled cape and hood on to the red carpet — it was a direct nod to a Liberace costume (that, incidentally, weighed 200-pounds), but the effort alone deserves props.

The I-Do-NOT-Need Your Validation Award goes to

IMG_4205Lizzo in Marc Jacobs, who in my opinion, won the night… and the next morning, when she boarded a plane wearing the same ostrich-feather coat.

Savory, Sequined, and Sequential: the Weird Valentines Gift List of 2019

It’s time again to round up a few doses of strange, and list some of the weird Valentines Day gifts I’ve spotted in and around the interWebs.

I’ve ended up with three food-items this year on a list of four, but also saw a disturbingly high quantity of Nicolas Cage.

So, if Nic Cage be the food of your love, read on…

Your Love is My Drug

For the health-conscious (or relatively unhealthy) partner in your life, might I suggest the Jelly Belly pill case, which can be reused later for more candy, vitamins, or life-saving drugs. Spotted at:

Heinz Makes a Ballsy Move

A product after my foodie heart, Heinz entered the V-Day marketing game this year with limited-edition jars of ketchup caviar. Very limited edition…there were only a handful of samples up for grabs. Something about this suggests that if the reviews are positive, though, we might be seeing the little balls of condiment joy bounce up again. Spotted at:

Face on, Face off

What might be most notable about this item is how many different versions there actually are when shopping for ‘Nic Cage Pillows.’ Also, imagine just casually leaving this on the couch for the babysitter. Spotted at:

Dill the End of Time

Thanks in large part to Boston — home of Grillo’s Pickles — pickle bouquets are now a thing. Grillo’s will make and deliver one to those who live in Greater Boston, but will also show those who don’t how to make one via their website. Sweet of them, really, since pickles are their bread and butter. Spotted at: Rare

SAG Awards – the best dressed nods!