Blogtober Fashion-spotting

Do you remember those fashion-on-the-street features in the back pages of mags like Cosmopolitan and Marie Clare? The ones in which “good fashion” was represented by smiling, seemingly surprised women and “bad fashion” was lightly disguised with skinny black bars over the eyes of the beholden?

Inspired by those throwbacks but also hoping to put a more positive spin on things, I’ve been spying some blogtober fashion on the sly in my autumnal travels, no censor bars needed:

The side-braid and the Carmen San Diego hat combo are my favorite part of this pumpkinfest ensemble.
Sterling silver motif jewelry
Coordinated pinks and plaids at the goat pens… I also love the length on the dress.
Disney cuteness at the farmstand: this is actually the Disney x Loungefly mini-backpack, Alice in Wonderland edition.
More plaid, but with rock-a-billy flavor at Cruise Night.

Show Me You’re a Disney Fan Without *Showing* Me You’re a Disney Fan

I’ve never thought of myself as a “DisneyFan” per se, but many (if not most) of us grew up Wishing Upon A Star at least some of the time, including me.

In my child- and teen-hood, showing your Disney pride meant plastering walls with Mickey posters, cloaking the windows in Minnie curtains, and brushing our teeth with electric Pluto. It was all very obvious.

Now, however, the savvy product-designers of the world have introduced a new Disney aesthetic: one that’s much less in-your-face and more likely to blend into an existing design scheme, though not without its measure of kitsch.

Below are a few of my favorite finds; leave yours in the comments!

Haus of Maus…

In the makeup world, Disney villains are having a moment. The new ‘Disney Noir’ flick Cruella has already inspired a MAC collaboration, and Colourpop’s Misunderstood palette pays homage to a greater swath of baddies, including Ursula, The Evil Queen, and Hades.

Adjacently, Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry also has a range of villainous original designs, including rutilated quartz* rings inspired by Maleficent — and the ring that inspired this post.

…Mouse in the House

Perhaps the most covert way to incorporate the Diz into daily life, though, is through home decor. Ruggable, for instance, has a line of washable rugs with hidden Mickeys and Minnies, with delightful names like “Mickey Ombré” and “Minnie Trellis.” Shown below: Mickey Persian Burgundy.

This Mickey Mouse Trivet from the Disney Homestead Collection is just subtle enough to quirk up any kitchen…

And, following the discontinuation of the original product, began offering the most clandestine celebration of all: the Match of Disney Paint color-recreation service, which sounds cool enough on its own to warrant a swatch test.

A swatch of eight different paint colors all with Disney names

Plus, the color names spark joy, and can either be conversation pieces (“What is this, ecru in the living room? Nuh-no, this is Once Upon A Time here, and A Whole New World on the wainscoting!”) or a big secret: I won’t tell anyone if you choose Buzz Beta Sector Beige for your man-cave if you don’t, nor if you’re looking to paint your office accent wall the color of Mickey’s pants.

* — Bonus Vocab!

Rutilated quartz is a variety of quartz that contains needle-like inclusions of rutile, a highly-refractive mineral, which can appear gold, silver, copper red, or black. While inclusions often reduce the value of a crystal, rutilated quartz is valued for them.

Local Love: V-Day Gift Options from the Berkshires

Earlier this week I found myself on medical leave in the middle of a snow storm in the middle of a pandemic, and feeling a threefold-level of boredom.

To quell the ennui, I decided to share a few cool Valentine gift ideas local to where I live on my Insta-stories, and the result is a great mix of products at various price points:

They had me at blush cheese… but this shippable gift box also includes products from other local companies.
I particularly love the names this company comes up with for their candles.
Awesome hand-made soaps, lip balms, and bath products suggested by a follower.
Vintage cuteness paired with the necessary caffeine at Dottie’s.
Shirts, hoodies, masks and more from!
v1 vodka will also give you countless cocktail recipes for indoor-date-night
One of many young new companies in the Berkshires putting out cool local art and commerce!
Freebie bonus! Download these puntastic Valentines from Berkshire Museum for printing or digital sharing! I collected ’em all.

The Weird V-Day Gift List of 2021!

I look forward to compiling the Weird Valentines Day gift list each year — for the benefit of no one in particular.

It’s just fun for me to hunt for the strange and unusual and share it here, and there’s something to be said for consistency; this is year seven!

There’s no real theme to the weirdness this year; just some of the more interesting entrees into the Valentine Gift gamut. One might say the list has a pandemic-tinged flavor to it, featuring introspective literature, handmade crafts, nostalgia, and comfort food.

A Bound Collection of Pages

If you’ve ever muttered Cripes, you’re so damn literal to your loved one, look no further for an appropriate gift than Nathan W. Pyle’s Strange Planet. This cartoon compilation depicts all sorts of conversations, but written in formal-speak: reflective of the weirdness of human behavior.

Pyle also has other Strange Planet merch for sale at his website.

Spotted at Business Insider

…But Did You Pick a Peck?

Last year, I featured a potato as a gift, so this year I’ll move on to fruit and personalized mini-pears.

Made by ArchMiniatures, these mini-pears can be singles (You’re pearfection!) or doubles (We’re the perfect pear!). They’re, cute, irreverent, and (according to ArchMiniatures) suitable for some car dashboards, which is definitely a trend I want to see.

Spotted at Etsy

Searching for a Reel Love

The vintage-lover — or any Gen Xer — will appreciate a personalized ViewMaster* and the hours of clicky joy it will bring.

* Not actually a ViewMaster, the brand-name for the Mattel toy. This is the Image3D, made by a small company in Oregon.

Spotted at Uncommon Goods

I’ve Got My Rib-eye on You

Heart-shaped steaks aren’t a new thing necessarily, but they seem to be experiencing a resurgence; perhaps because not many of us will be going out for a V-Day dinner, but still want to indulge. It’s potentially a great way to support local farms and butchers; also known as sweetheart steaks, they’re usually one cut of boneless strip or rib steak, expertly butterflied into a heart shape.

Lobel’s of New York offers the gold standard of cardiac cuts (sorry), but several grocery chains and mail-order services are also offering similar, more modestly priced versions.

Spotted at 92.9 NiN

What’s on the bahhhx

Amazon boxes have nifty AR pumpkin activities on them this month, as part of their #morethanabox campaign.

This offered hours of fun for all ages, not to mention some levity that didn’t require a lot of movement for a mom in a cast. Check out some of our virtual tomfoolery below; ignore messy room in background. We did this instead of cleaning it.