Three Coach designer bags on a table with Disney villian designs on them. Maleficent and the Evil Queen are on two of the bags, and a scarf with the Evil Queen is laid out next to them.

Blogtober Fashion Watch Returns

I had so much fun stalking half of the eastern seaboard for October-appropriate lewks last year, I started back at it in again this September.

The round-up that follows — and there may be more to come — is largely the result of puttering around the Berkshires and a bit beyond in the early throes of autumnal fashion bliss.

From the Columbia County Fair

a gold necklace with a charm that is in the shape of a Michael Myers mask.

State fairs never fail to deliver some freaky fashion like this bedazzled Michael Myers pendant. I think this version was $20/$30 at the booth in which I spotted it, in between the leather cowboy hats and mood rings. But if one were so inclined to spend upwards of $700 on a similar item, the options exist. Similar options exist for Jason and Jigsaw.

From the Lenox Art Walk

a silver and purple coat on a rack outside at a street fair.

I stopped in my tracks at Lenox Art Walk last month when I saw these high-collared, reversible jackets by La Linguere Fashions. They’re just two of many designs I found fanciful, fairy-inspired, and fun, without being so costumesque or over-the-top that I’d never wear it.

From the Apple Squeeze

a woman with a gold coat and hat.

With apologies to the poor woman whose identity is being shielded here in a less-than-ceremonious way, I love a coordinated knit set and saw several on a bright but chilly Saturday at the ‘Squeeze.

From Lee Premium Outlets

The Coach Outlet in Lee, Mass. is currently carrying the full-range of Disney x Coach, Villains Collection!

I was excited to see these out in the wild. Disney x Coach Villains includes everything from bag charms to backpacks, and focuses largely on Ursula, the Evil Queen, Maleficent, and Cruella. That said, my favorite patten of the line is the bethorned Fairytale Rose.

And across the way at the Crocs Outlet, the seasonal Jibbitz game was on point as well:

a man with a burger king mask and medallion standing at the top of a hill on a street. There is a city skyline behind him.

The Incredible, Edible Costume Round-up of 2022

It’s Spooky Season, and the brands are back with their entrees into the costume-as-PR game.

The menu is a little lighter this year than it has been in the past, when the neighborhood streets teemed with unsettling hoardes of the Burger King, Ronald, and the Man Who Runs on Dunkin’.

But Spirit Halloween, which has collabed with brands before – my most recent favorite being the Colonel – is keeping the sugar show going, having joined forces this year with Mountain Dew to offer the carbonated costume in three flavors (Baja Blast, Code Red, and original) plus the added Voo-Dew Grim Reaper get-up.

This Dewsome pairs easily with any of the Cheetos brand-collab costumes, including bag, slutty dress, and individual Cheeto. Or, add protein with the White Castle Chicken Fries costume.

In a party full of life-sized foods and beverages, though, Franzia may top them all with its Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon costumes, which glow in the dark and come complete with 5L bags of wine and working spouts. There’s also a less expensive, non-wine-dispensing version of the Sunset Blush box, if that’s more your jam.

As an aside, Franzia’s year-round merch game is on. Point. Winter? Peep the Franzia pom-pom hats, ugly sweaters, and gift wrap. Spring? They’ve got push pins and plush pillows for your home-improvement needs. Summer brings with it the one-piece bathing suit and pool float, and we’ve already covered the interactive wine-tunics of Fall, 2022.

Officially licensed alcoholic ensembles don’t stop with wine, either — Anheuser-Busch has a full selection of bottles and cans, both original and light, and Fireball has entered the chat with two versions of a nip bottle.

Feature image Big Wheel Race 2013: Burger King Guy Fashion by Lynn Friedman, via flickr.

Costume ideas spotted at:

Layouts in Red, Orange, and Yellow

layout jcs 2022
layout jcs 2022
layout jcs 2022

Supplies include apothecary stickers; vintage paper and Pantone, cloud, phrase, and vintage washi tape stickers all from Shein; washi tape from The Washi Tape Shop; repurposed pages from a vintage gardening book; moo mini-card with original photo; repurposed New Yorker cartoon from a used planner; repurposed sticker-book stickers; two original photos, and other miscellaneous stock paper and scrap supplies.

Black History Month Layout Featuring Azzari Jarrett Designs

In my search for other paper crafters online recently, I found Azzari Jarrett’s blog, which features design, photography, storytelling, and more. In February, Azzari offered some free printables to honor Black History Month, and I was able to use many of them in a recent Project Life page.

This layout was created to document a staged reading of Knock Me a Kiss, a play by Charles Smith based on one period of Yolande Du Bois’ life (daughter of W.E.B. Du Bois) and part of the fifth annual Du Bois Legacy Festival in Great Barrington, Mass.

I also used Project Life journaling/filler cards and my Phomemo printer; 8.5×11 page in a 12×12 album.

Thanks, Azzari!

Monthly Intro Pages, part 3


scrap layout 2022 (c) jcs

This was the quickest “retrospective” layout I’ve made since I started this process: today is March 6, and I’ve just completed this monthly intro page for February.

It’s pink to match the handmade Valentine pages, with plenty of winks to love: including a couple that remind us love can be deathly.

It’s also one of the more literal pages I’ve created; the Scrabble-tile month-label is a nod to an actual game with a friend — notable because it was the first in years. It was a good month for travel and gifts, and I really did spend some time with penguins.


Astrobright Pastel pink card stock

Patterned scrap paper

Repurposed greeting card

Apothecary Stickers

Rhinestone gem stickers

Month and hand-heart stickers printed with Phomemo mini-printer

SHEIN Stationery stickers

Washi tape – Lunar New Year themed

Patterned roller stamper


scrap layout 2022 (c) jcs

We’re only just in March, so this layout is part hope, part intuition, part planning. I imagine the gardening will kick off this month, for one…but I’m not interested in over scheduling myself. Just to keep an eye on the horizon, and to keep writing.


Astrobright Pastel green card stock

Patterned scrap paper

Repurposed greeting card

Repurposed magazine illustration

Original photo

Itinerary sticker

Repurposed kid’s sticker book sticker

Apothecary Stickers

Rhinestone gem stickers

SHEIN Stationery stickers

Washi tape – Lunar New Year themed, light gray

Alphabet, typewriter font stamps

Both pages are 8.5×11 in a 12×12 album; shown in-book.