The Family’s First Sleep-over

Our baby girl had her first sleepover at a friend’s house this month, and in an unexpected turn of events, her Dad and I were thus afforded the opportunity to go to a “sleepover” at a friend’s house the same night.

I don’t know why I’m putting the last in quotes. That’s actually what happened.

Still, this is what occurs when you suddenly find yourself with — what I’m told — are called, “new friends.” With guest rooms.

Friends with kitsch.

Friends with amazing wool sheets and black-out shades I wanted to pull out of their fixtures and steal (the blinds not the friends).Friends with style…

…who live near cows — and rainbows.

Friends with senses of humor…

…and other friends who tucker out your kid at their house while you’re reveling in all of the above.

Kennedy Center Gets Stapled


Mavis Staples (jcs) 2008

Mavis Staples, a ‘freedom singer’ during the Civil Rights Movement, was recognized by the Kennedy Center Honors this week, along with James Taylor, Al Pacino, Argentine pianist Martha Argerich, and The Eagles.

Staples often performed with or for Dr. Martin Luther King. I was able to see her perform in 2008 at the Green River Festival; In addition to a great set, she told stories about King, her father Pops Staples, and experiences with segregation in her childhood. The audience hung on her every word.