The 2021 Cringe-binge Line-up

I’m so, so pleased to see that other people are starting their October viewing early this year, and that the networks are providing what we need.

Every year, the horror, harvest, and hazy-evening programming seems to edge back a little more into September, thus lengthening the Blogtoberfest season by a few more degrees. To keep everyone abreast, I’ve compiled an early guide to the best binges television currently has to threaten.

Let’s ghoul.

Freeform’s 31 Nights of Halloween Highlights include Hocus Pocus, Decorating Disney: Halloween Magic, The Craft, and more.

Shudder’s 61 Days of Halloween Highlights include the premiere of V/H/S/94, the fourth installment in the franchise; Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Carrie, and more.

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) October Horror Highlights include The Bad Seed, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, Freaks, and more black-and-white psychological terror.

AMC Fearfest Highlights include the month-long ability to watch the Halloween, Scream, and Final Destination franchises in their entirety, and a Stephen King marathon on October 9.

Netflix and Chills Highlights include the premier of a new installment to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Jaws 1-4, newly released There’s Someone Inside Your House, and more.

Huluween Highlights include the Into the Dark holiday-themed horror anthology, new Nic Cage romp Willy’s Wonderland, and horror-shorts Bite-sized Halloween.

SyFy’s 31 Days of Halloween Highlights include a new 10-episode run of Day of the Dead, inspired by George A. Romero; a Slumber Party Massacre remake, and a new Chucky tv show.

Top TV Stations for your #blogtoberfest Viewing

10. The Travel Channel, which takes on this particular season with shows like Halloween Crazy and the even more creatively titled Halloween Crazier.

9. FX, for the premier of American Horror Story: Freakshow on Oct. 8, and maybe the network’s new show, The Strain.

8. Lifetime… If you really, really like Hocus Pocus.

7. Fox, specifically on October 19, for the 25th installment of The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror.


6. Turner Classic Movies, the only place to find 1959’s The Mummy and Roman Polanski’s Repulsion before 3 a.m.

5. Disney Channel, kicking off Monstober on Oct. 2. Oddly, formerly known as Wiztober. Monstober is better.

4. ABC Family, offering up 13 nights of kid-friendly programming including some old Gen X favorites like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Beetlejuice.

3. The Food Network, home of Halloween Wars, where contestants whip up giant undead zombies made out of Rice Krispie treats and stuff. TFN also has great Halloween content at their website.


2. SyFy, coming up close on AMC with a few more tricks in their bag: there are 31 Days of Halloween instead of 15, and a nifty Ghost Hunters reunion this year.


1. AMC, the stand-by. FearFest has been going strong for more than a decade and is the go-to channel for all things Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees. This year AMC is also hosting a Stephen King marathon and a ‘Chucky-thon.’

Excellent Halloween movie listings here and here.

FearFest is back and I don’t want to leave my couch

...Here comes the rain again.

…Here comes the rain again.

As I type, Jason Vorhees is attacking a random teenager and a young Corey Feldman just inexplicably cut his hair off in the bathroom.

These are the days I live for – AMC’s two-week celebration of gore, Fear Fest. When October 13 rolls around, I know my television viewing is secure until November. The good, the bad, and the ugly — all valid choices when it comes to horror flicks — are packed into marathon-style blocks and churned out over and over for days on end. I couldn’t be happier. I’m knee deep in the Friday the 13th series now — just finishing off IV (The Final Chapter) and skating into V (A New Beginning). I still don’t have an answer as to why Corey Feldman needed to pull a Britney to save the day, but that’s what happened.

From what I can tell, there are no major changes this year to the Fear Fest repertoire… Kevin Smith seems to have been given the boot after hosting last year, although his show is still on. The quizzes and online extras are still at, but I haven’t seen much promotion for them. The big additions look to be airing the Child’s Play franchise and premiere showings of a handful of films, the best of which being The Omen (1976), the worst seemingly Tremors 4: The Legend Begins.

That said, the streaming horror franchises I already know and love are enough to keep me glued to the flatscreen. Tonight it’s Jason, tomorrow Michael, Chucky, or Freddy. It’s like an undead Chippendales in here.