LiveThought: Cult of Chucky

Hey kids:  A new Chucky movie! On Netflix!

For nostalgia buffs, it all starts out very strong. Andy is back, in a surprisingly opulent opening shot, and the dialogue is not-so-bad.

Five minutes in

Super-cool twist before the opening credits even roll. Clearly, we knew Chuckster was on his way back, but that was fun.

As the credits roll, we learn the Fiona Dourif is starring in this flick along with her dear-old-dad. She starred in this film’s predecessor Curse of Chucky too, but it’s hard to know how the continuation train is going to roll in this franchise. I’m glad to see her back.

15 minutes in

We are in a mental-health facility. The acting in this scene is, again, surprisingly good. It’s actually a bit triggery in spots. Hot sex scene, though.

23 minutes in

…Damn, Fiona Dourif is a great actress. And she’s sharing screen with Jennifer Tilly, who lest we forget, is an Oscar-nominated actress. She’s also a killer poker player, FYI.

Also? Multiple Chuckies running around right now.

30 minutes in

Sorry for the delay, I needed a beer for this. Goose IPA, for the record.

Angry lady with bangs is bugging me, which probably means she’s not long for this flick, so I’m going to try to let it go. In addition: Worst. Therapist. Ever.

35 minutes in

Plot exposition time, please hold…

44:50 minutes in


These effects are sick! The cinematography is amazing! A slow-mo of a breaking skylight falling into a stark-white examination room? Dude. BTW I was right about annoying lady with bangs. She’s now annoying head with bangs.

Michael Therriault Picture50 minutes in

Just going to reiterate that worst-therapist-ever sentiment here again, with the added bonus of actor-info: he’s 17 days younger than I am, he’s Canadian, and much less menacing in appearance in his head shots.

 The actress playing Madeline is a dead-ringer for Lili Taylor.
1:15 in 
 …I’ve had the Labeled for ReUse photo below all night, and just hit the point in the movie where it happens.

Surprised this film wasn’t called Army of Chuckies… I bet the research proved that cults were more popular than armies this year.

Ok, so we just reached the super-meta point in the film at which Fiona Dourif is basically playing her dad.

1:25 in

This is happening. Reminds me of Bound…remember Bound?

1:30 in

There’s the final twist, ensuring an eighth installment. And I have to say … that might have been the best Chucky/Child’s Play film ever.

Carving Pumpkins with Abraham Lincoln

3690931259_ac8b895821_zIn search of something to do as a family on Columbus Day, I went to one of my favorite local blogs and found a pumpkin carving activity at Chesterwood, a largely outdoor museum just down the road from us.

The summer home of Daniel Chester French (who’s most famous for sculpting the Lincoln Memorial and the Concord Minuteman) Chesterwood is a sprawling property that has a museum proper, original buildings including an art studio, and a woodland walk peppered with rotating installments of contemporary art that stand in contrast to the historic setting.

This weekend, Chesterwood was also hosting a pumpkin carving activity for kids, with pumpkins donated by Taft Farms of Great Barrington.

We carved Juli’s first Jac-o-lantern, then took a stroll through the woods to look at the grounds and the current art exhibits.

We were able to buy one adult ticket for the three of us at $17.50 to attend the event, $8.25 a person if you assume a one-year-old gets free admission. Since Juli loved the art as much as the pumpkins and we also got to enjoy peak foliage and being outside as a fam, I thought the price was a good value.

...Casual reclining baby on a slab.

…Casual reclining baby on a slab.


Three boats, ready for the tides to turn

All Smiles.

All Smiles.