The Anatomy of the College Frosh Basket

Stressed about what to get that off-to-college student in your life? Fret no more. I have the answer. Start with a plastic bin; they'll need at least 32 for their personal belongings anyway. Add TP rolls for filler as well as the first gift item...they'll need those too, mostly for non-toilet purposes. Tissues when they … Continue reading The Anatomy of the College Frosh Basket

From the Archives: Potent Quotables

This month, I was able to tackle some very cool articlesfor The Women's Times, profiling speakers slated to appear at the 15th annual BayPath Women's Leadership Conference. It's an assignment I've taken on in years past, and I've been able to meet, interview, or photograph some amazing people, including Maya Angelou, Madeleine Albright, and Mia … Continue reading From the Archives: Potent Quotables