GlobeWatch 2018: Turning to Fashion’s Dark Side

In a sea of black, how do we choose who wore it best?

As it turns out, making distinctions between best- and worst-dressed at the 2018 Golden Globes wasn’t — at least for me — affected much by the theme of the evening. The best were stunning, well-suited to the attendee’s body and personality, and on-trend.

The worst looked like belted trash bags.

But back to the best. My way-ahead winner of the night was Allison Janney in Mario Dice.

The not-too-in-your-face butterfly design on the top gives it flair, especially those hip-hugging wings. But the overall fit is the real star, emphasizing Janney’s already willowy frame.

Next up: Katherine Langford of 13 Reasons Why in Prada, accented with Chopard jewels, and diamond star-shaped hair clips by Jennifer Behr.

I have my issues with the series, but none with this look — which, ironically, mirrors the tone of Langford’s character. It’s melancholy and sparkling at the same time, dramatic and understated, hopeful yet resigned. Someone put a lot of thought into the entire ensemble, and the work was worth it.

Catherine Zeta-Jones had the hardest job of the night and did her time in flawless Zuhair Murad Couture. Her Lorraine Schwartz jewelry stood out as well, as the best representation of the event’s emerald trend.

Finally, Christina Hendricks in Christian Siriano somehow managed to simultaneously rock capri pants and a ball gown. There were a lot of pants on the red carpet, including those shrouded with skirts, but Hendricks’ ensemble would have worked outside of a larger trend any day.

Leave your favorites in the comments – and see you at the SAGs 😁

The Excitement Builds…Golden Globe noms announced

OK, kids … this is one of the big ones. The Golden Globe nominees were announced last week, giving us our first glimpse at what are expected to become the quintessential films and shows of 2014.

The winners in the film categories (to be announced at the Big Show on January 11, with Amy and Tina at the helm again — yay) often go on to the Big-Big Show, the Oscars, on Feb. 22… that means the Globe noms are not just a preview of award-winners to come, but also our first chance to start devising movie-themed goodies for our annual pre-Oscar party and food contest. 

In fact, it’s become hard for me to scan the list of nominees without automatically assigning food-puns to the actors, directors, and producers — Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch, anyone? — and even more so this year because I have yet to see most of the films. That said, here are a few early impressions:

It’s nice to see Jennifer Aniston on the Best Actress (Drama) list, finally, and for a movie called Cake, too! That’s an easy entry for a food contest… so no excuses, future guests. Aniston did win a Globe for her role on Friends in 2003, but she’s never been among Jennifer Aniston 2011.jpgthe heavy-hitters on the film side of things, and from the looks of it she has as good a chance as everyone else in the category: Julianne Moore, Rosamund Pike, Reese Witherspoon, and Felicity Jones. I dare say she might even be the favorite, with Moore nominated in another category (Best Actress, Musical or Comedy), Pike and Jones representing the newcomers, and Witherspoon starring in a film that was just released to the masses this month.

In the Best Actor, Mini-series/TV Movie category, it feels like Take Two for Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, who were already pitted against the all-powerful Bryan Cranston at the Emmys and therefore only worth a handful of beans. I personally feel like their collective moment has passed but I’m always game to hear McConaughey wax poetic about Neptune, so may the best Wood-a-been win. 

Best Supporting Actress, Mini-series/TV Movie is another interesting category for performances; we’ve got Kathy Bates playing a bearded woman, Allison Janney playing a recovering alcoholic, Uzo Aduba as an inmate, Joanne Froggatt as a maid, and Michelle Monaghan as a cheatin’ heart… it seems to be the year of the unsung hero.

One of my favorite categories, Best Song, is largely populated by the new pop elite: Sia, Lorde, Lana del Rey, Common, and John Legend are joined by veterans Patti Smith and Lenny Kaye. My pick here is Lorde for Yellow Flicker Beat (Hunger Games: Mockingjay), because it’s just a great tune.

…What say you?