Blogtober Playlist 2022

This year’s mix is kinda witchy, a little psychedelic, and a blend of new and throwback. …and here is 2021’s foray, to fortify:

Blogtober Viewing Round-up, Part One

Choose or Die A solid tech-horror with a voice-only cameo by Robert Englund, vacillating between present day and the 1980s in storyline, software, and scenery. Girl on the Third Floor Really-very-poorly-named film with a main character who's hard to like. Still, it's a haunted house movie. Dahmer (series) That new Ryan Murphy show everyone is … Continue reading Blogtober Viewing Round-up, Part One

Haunted Homes for Sale 2021

The annual guest post by Top Ten Real Estate Cornfields are ready for harvest, cheerful orange pumpkins are peeking out from their withering vines, and broomsticks are fast gaining in seasonal popularity as a fuel-free mode of transportation. As the great Hallowed Eve gets closer, one’s lifetime of accumulated ghost stories begin to surface and … Continue reading Haunted Homes for Sale 2021

31 Days of Horror Viewing

It’s not quite fair to call 31 days of horror viewing in October a goal for me — I don’t generally hunt for low-hanging fruit. But it’s not about the finish line so much as the race anyway, so read on for this year’s checkpoints. First, to the Island The Island of Dr. Moreau - … Continue reading 31 Days of Horror Viewing

Photo Hunt: Find the Horror Scene

(c) jcs 2021 “Your mum and I were hiding in a house. A wee cottage. There was an old couple that owned it. And they were there, too. Three other people. And we were, uh... just trying to stay alive, I suppose. We were doing okay for a while. And then we were attacked. They … Continue reading Photo Hunt: Find the Horror Scene