HVAC Trading Cards? Sure, Why Not?

HVAC doesn't sound like the most exciting topic to write about, but it's actually pretty interesting. The industry has long been a leader in energy efficiency, for instance. New technologies are always being applied to the development of products, and in the U.S., the "Made in USA" logo truly means something -- creating not just … Continue reading HVAC Trading Cards? Sure, Why Not?

Writing on the Flip

Writers have come a long way in terms of where their words can be seen. Once relegated to the printed page, now we're writing for virtual places all the time. That's what made a recent -- and very tactile -- writing assignment so unusual and fun. I was charged with writing a few highlights regarding … Continue reading Writing on the Flip

5 am.

            As it's at the tail end of the period during which saying 'Happy New Year' still flies, it's my last chance to write a little about a poetry challenge I took on earlier this year. Think of it as a wrap-up post and a resolution to write more poetry … Continue reading 5 am.

A Half-dozen PodCamps and No Signs of Stopping

It always takes me too long to write a post about PodCamp Western Mass. We just put our sixth camp in the books this past Saturday, and I've spent the last few days mulling over the new things I learned, poring over posts, photos, and emails from other campers -- some I've just met, some … Continue reading A Half-dozen PodCamps and No Signs of Stopping

Will Write for Cheese

Culture magazine is the cheese-lover's go-to guide for all things enzymatic. It's also a totally entertaining mag and website, with a great social presence and tons of engaging content. Their homepage, for instance, features a sheep poking his head around the left sidebar. Culture also held a contest last month in honor of Valentine's Day, … Continue reading Will Write for Cheese