31 Days of Horror Viewing

It’s not quite fair to call 31 days of horror viewing in October a goal for me — I don’t generally hunt for low-hanging fruit. But it’s not about the finish line so much as the race anyway, so read on for this year’s checkpoints. First, to the Island The Island of Dr. Moreau - … Continue reading 31 Days of Horror Viewing

Blogtober Viewing Part 2: The I know I forgot some edition

While I’m sure this list and its predecessor aren’t exhaustive — the insomnia is real — they represent a hefty level of October-appropriate programming. Part two of the Blogtoberfest Viewing list includes: *Mom and Dad - A Nic Cage joint that started as my favorite horror film of the year and ended with me angry. … Continue reading Blogtober Viewing Part 2: The I know I forgot some edition


2020 Blogtoberfest Viewing, part one

As part of my own personal Blogtoberfest celebration, I try to ingest at least 31 Halloween-appropriate movies or shows in October and share the list here, for anyone looking for ideas. I think, given that I've already logged 24 spooktastic viewings, reaching 31 this year will be no problem. It’s a mix of new viewings, … Continue reading 2020 Blogtoberfest Viewing, part one

Oo-de-Lally: 10 Favorite Disney Films (animated)

Robin Hood So no one else likes this one apparently? 52% on Rotten Tomatoes? Well, it's still my favorite, as proven by watching it recently on Netflix with immeasurable glee. Further, I swore I saw Robin Hood -- and a slew of other Disney classics -- in theaters as a kid, even though many of them were … Continue reading Oo-de-Lally: 10 Favorite Disney Films (animated)