The Noms are Out!

It’s the first official step toward our annual Oscar Party and Food Contest … the nominations have been released. This is it, kids: a veritable menu from which to choose your edible, Oscar-themed creation and vie for the prizes and glory that come with a win.

Let’s take a peek at some of the contenders — for both the Academy Award and voting at our fiesta, via the uncomplicated ‘pen and piece of scrap paper’ system. PriceWaterhouseCoopers was unavailable.

The Academy nominated eight of a possible ten films for Best Picture this year, and it looks like Boyhood and The Theory of Everything are the front-runners. The Grand Budapest Hotel did surprisingly well at the Globes, though, so maybe that’s the Dark Horse.

Best Actor… Michael Keaton and Eddie Redmayne took the Globes home, but can we get a win for Steve Carell? He’s virtually unrecognizable in Foxcatcher and for my party purposes his nomination makes ‘Steve Carvel’ a potential reality.

It only took 30 years

Best Actress… Bummer that Jennifer Aniston was snubbed for her role in Cake.

Best Supporting Actor… Fun fact: in high school, my friends Patti, Heather and I went to a screening of a short film by nominee Ethan Hawke in Provincetown, then proceeded to tail him around the town in my 1978 two-tone Chevy Monte Carlo when he left with friends.

Best Supporting Actress… Oh hi, Meryl.

As for some of the lesser-followed categories, this is the bread and butter of the Oscar Party Food Contest. If a food-themed dish didn’t come to mind in the major categories, these always offer a ringer or two. For instance: 2015 documentary nominee Salt of the Earth and Foreign Language nom Tangerines.

To review, here are some of last year’s entries!

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Grammy Thoughts,_Jr..jpgThe GRAMMY Nominations just rolled out, signaling the start of Awards Season … although a few ceremonies have already come and gone in recent months, in what seems to be an effort to extend the life of statuettes. Hollywood Film Awards? Yeah, no thanks.

I do love Awards Season in its traditional form, though, and as per usual I’m scanning the list and musing on the odd mention here and there. Some of my preliminary thoughts:

Best Pop Vocal Album

This category has quite the range, including Miley Cyrus’ irritatingly misspelled Bangerz as well as Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith’s much-more-excellent albums, X and In the Lonely Hour, and some Katy Perry and Coldplay mixed in for good measure. I feel a bit removed from this category as I’m not up-to-date with all of the music included, especially Nikelodeon’s latest Trick-at-Nite Ariana Grande’s. But I hope the singer-songwriters win out — namely Sam or Ed as I mentioned before and not necessarily Coldplay — which I feel is on the list solely to cover the awards show’s 35 – 45 age demographic.

Best Urban Contemporary Album

This is not a new category — it was added in 1958 — but I’m still confused by what an urban contemporary album is, especially when two nominees are entertainment powerhouses (Beyonce and Pharrell), two I’ve never heard of (Mali Music and Jhene Aiko, sorry) and one doesn’t bear mentioning. New Artist

With the understanding that I-G-G-Y will probably be walking home with the Gramophone, I’m glad to see HAIM on the list.

Best Pop Solo Performance

I see what you did there, Pharrell and John Legend. You submitted live versions of your hits because the studio versions weren’t eligible. Crafty.

Best Metal Performance

Tenacious D is nominated for best Metal Performance. I repeat, Tenacious D is nominated for best Metal Performance.

Best Rap Song

It took nine people to write Kanye West’s ‘Bound 2,’ and Kim Kardashian wasn’t one of them.