Five-minute Poem 6.2016

There’s a breeze in the air and big flowering bushes are taking over the sidewalks much to everyone’s glee, as they peruse the outdoor menus and those windows-full of over priced, raw cotton caftans.   Normal June, plain-old-tourist town. Nothing has changed as the season rolls in.   The world is churned-out, wobbling on its … Continue reading Five-minute Poem 6.2016

5 am.

            As it's at the tail end of the period during which saying 'Happy New Year' still flies, it's my last chance to write a little about a poetry challenge I took on earlier this year. Think of it as a wrap-up post and a resolution to write more poetry … Continue reading 5 am.

Carole Ann

Earlier this month, my aunt Carole passed away. She was a kind soul and will be greatly missed. My cousins asked me to write something for her memorial service, which I did... with the blessing of my family, I'm sharing it here. A contented heart – a nesting bird – stayed close to the sea, … Continue reading Carole Ann