Call for Blogtoberfest Entries!

I always welcome guest posts at The Jump, but I take the collection thereof more seriously from October 1 to All Hallows Eve. The results have been varied and awesome, ranging in topic from witches to zombies to Neil Diamond.

Over the years, Blogtoberfest Guest Post submissions evolved into a full-on contest, with winners, prizes, and the bestowing of appropriate amounts of online glory.

Winners will be decided by readers via an online poll at the end of the month. There’s no length requirement or limit, and posts need not be spooky. October is also the month of harvest, baseball, and Breast Cancer Awareness. It may be that you or your organization has an annual event this month that deserves a little publicity. Whatever the topic – if it says October to you is fair game!

Prizes will be announced soon, and posts are accepted throughout the month, so get writing and send your entries to writerjax -at-!

Pumpkin Watch, 2013

It’s impossible for me not to snap photos of pumpkins everywhere I go this time of year. I’m such a simpleton… oooh, gourds! 

Here are a few of the latest from this year; all pumpkins from Whitney’s Farm in Cheshire, Mass. Don’t forget, the Blogtoberfest Guest Post Contest is on until the end of the month! Send your post to writerjax @ and you could win a prize. Prize Announcement Post forthcoming.