The 2021 Cringe-binge Line-up

I’m so, so pleased to see that other people are starting their October viewing early this year, and that the networks are providing what we need. Every year, the horror, harvest, and hazy-evening programming seems to edge back a little more into September, thus lengthening the Blogtoberfest season by a few more degrees. To keep … Continue reading The 2021 Cringe-binge Line-up

Emmys Style Wrap-up 2015

Chartreuse is the new black, but black is still all right. The Emmys have wrapped, awards season is here, the 2015 fall television has begun, and it's time for my traditional wrap-up post of my favorite Emmy looks. This year there was some wacky stuff happening on the red carpet, so thanks for that, TV … Continue reading Emmys Style Wrap-up 2015

The Cosby Effect: Bastardizing my Childhood and Fouling up the Future

I wasn't going to throw my hat into this ring, but the Bill Cosby cluster currently in the news is messing with my nostalgic head. I'm 37 years old ... I mention that because, as a young Gen Xer, I was a spectator during what were arguably Cosby's most active years. We played Picture Pages … Continue reading The Cosby Effect: Bastardizing my Childhood and Fouling up the Future

Top TV Stations for your #blogtoberfest Viewing

10. The Travel Channel, which takes on this particular season with shows like Halloween Crazy and the even more creatively titled Halloween Crazier. 9. FX, for the premier of American Horror Story: Freakshow on Oct. 8, and maybe the network's new show, The Strain. 8. Lifetime... If you really, really like Hocus Pocus. 7. Fox, … Continue reading Top TV Stations for your #blogtoberfest Viewing