The 2021 Cringe-binge Line-up

I’m so, so pleased to see that other people are starting their October viewing early this year, and that the networks are providing what we need. Every year, the horror, harvest, and hazy-evening programming seems to edge back a little more into September, thus lengthening the Blogtoberfest season by a few more degrees. To keep … Continue reading The 2021 Cringe-binge Line-up

Man or Muppet: This season’s Bachelors are made of felt and ping-pong balls

Try NatGeo’s Badlands for Making a Murderer Withdrawals

NatGeo has had some programming highs and lows in the last decade or so, and until recently I've been unable to find something truly binge-worthy in its line-up. But I stumbled onto Badlands, Texas during a particularly slow viewing night and got hooked. It has true crime, human interest, a slice of Americana...not unlike a … Continue reading Try NatGeo’s Badlands for Making a Murderer Withdrawals

FearFest is back and I don’t want to leave my couch

591 × 250 As I type, Jason Vorhees is attacking a random teenager and a young Corey Feldman just inexplicably cut his hair off in the bathroom. These are the days I live for - AMC's two-week celebration of gore, Fear Fest. When October 13 rolls around, I know my television viewing is secure until November. The … Continue reading FearFest is back and I don’t want to leave my couch

Emmy Noms: So Delicious

I pored over this year's Emmy Nominations list when it was released last week with my usual zeal for both awards shows and lists. What I saw were many signs of life in the creative arm of the entertainment industry: renewed battles between veterans and newcomers, multiple nominations among actors, writers, and directors, and recognizable … Continue reading Emmy Noms: So Delicious