The Fierce is with Me

In the mail for me on Valentines Day — flowers? Candy? Paper hearts? Nay nay.

I received shampoo, maxi-pads, nail polish & Vaseline… and I couldn’t be happier.

My latest VoxBox from Influenster — the Fierce VoxBox, as it seems– came last week and I’ve been having fun playing with the free stuff inside ever since… and, as they’d hope, discovering some new brands.

The SheaMoisture shampoo and blow-out creme, for instance, smells amazing. So much so it felt as though I’d cleaned the bathroom after I took a shower ( I did actually clean it the next day but the illusion was nice while it lasted).

Also included in this month’s box o fun:
Kandee Johnson nail polish

Carefree Acti-fresh liners

Vaseline. Not sure what’s Fierce about it but ok.

Madame CJ Walker Beauty Culture

I Only Have Meat + Melting Cats 4 U

It’s that time again… time to scour the interwebs for all things bizarre to give to loved ones on February 14 in the spirit of VD!

Here are my five favorite finds for the weirdo in your life. Suitable for Valentines Day, anniversaries, or divorce.

Kurt's chocolate salami

Salami or Leave Me

This one actually doesn’t seem weird to me at all – in fact, it seems innovative, artisanal, and delicious. Made and delivered by Olympia Provisions, it’s the Salami Bouquet. From their website, because I couldn’t write this description any better, it’s  “{f}or those who prefer an armful of pork to a fragile and fleeting flower arrangement.”

But wait, there’s more – Olympia Provisions also creates chocolate salami, which is not chocolate-covered meat but rather salami-shaped ganache. I’m really open to either but the latter sounds slightly more appetizing. Seen at: The Oregonian

Gummie penis bag of dicks candy!

Dear Richard…

Thanks to my pal Eden for this perfect offering from the passive-aggressive secret admirer. An anonymous Bag o’ Dicks. Seen at:

Love. Death. Zombies. Obsession.

Zombie Cologne seems fun in an un-dead kinda way. And it’s brought to us by Demeter, the same company that creates Play-Doh perfume. Seen at:

This Cat is on Fire

This: because we have a cat who sets stuff on fire and also because it’s a candle that eventually becomes something else besides a pile of malleable wax. Seen at:

The Dedicated Valentines of the NYPD

Why aren’t these already in my mailbox? WHY?



Oo-de-Lally: 10 Favorite Disney Films (animated)

Robin Hood and Little John walkin’ through the forest

Robin Hood

So no one else likes this one apparently? 52% on Rotten Tomatoes? Well, it’s still my favorite, as proven by watching it recently on Netflix with immeasurable glee.

Further, I swore I saw Robin Hood — and a slew of other Disney classics — in theaters as a kid, even though many of them were originally released decades earlier. Sure enough, a quick Google search reveals that Disney did indeed re-release several animated movies in the eighties to keep interest up in the new releases and avoid that pesky VHS fad. This was before they invented that stupid vault.

The marketing move seems to have had a big influence on my list, so read on with a grain of nostalgia.


The Little John – Baloo similarities are not lost on me.

 Jungle Book

Easily the best soundtrack of all of the Disney animated films, IMO, featuring Louis Prima and Phil Harris. Also my mum’s favorite, and one of the few animated films able to make vultures work as characters.


Fantasia Live at Boston Symphony Hall…


Another controversial pick – the critically acclaimed/panned Walt Disney passion project, a compilation of shorts set to classical scores.

I love all of the films, but what I think many people don’t love is that some sections feature dancing Hippos, while others include dying brontosauri and creepy nuns. I was a weird kid so it all sat fine with me. I understand from some friends, however, that they were emotionally scarred by Fantasia long before it was the name of an American Idol winner.

…it was a whale of a show. Shut up.

Fantasia 2000

The sequel was received a little better, and is a little less uneven. Great to watch in tandem with the original – American Rhapsody and what seems to be colloquially known as ‘the whale one’ are highlights.


WFRR was the first time Looney Tunes and Disney characters appeared on screen together.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Why is this – and, for that matter, Song of the South – on the animated films list and Bedknobs & Broomsticks is not? Does it have to do with sheer time of animation on screen? Regardless it’s annoying. But WFRR is still a great movie with a lot of innovation for its time, and enough animated character cameos (Betty Boop, Bugs Bunny, assorted dwarves) to keep me happy, and save its spot on the list.


An example of the early entourage

Sleeping Beauty

I like the little fairies.


I had the Oliver Christmas ornament from McDonalds foreverrrr.

Oliver & Company

Billy Joel as a dog! And you know who else voices characters in this one? Robert Loggia. Bette Midler. Richard Mulligan. I bet they recorded their parts in a smoky steakhouse with red vinyl booths in West Hollywood.


To infinity – and aisle seven!!

Toy Story

I was working part-time at KayBee Toys when this movie came out and we all reserved our VHS copies (by now, delivered in puffy plastic binder-sized cases instead of cardboard sleeves) right off the truck. We loved Woody and Buzz until Christmastime, when the sought after toys came out, and every parent on the planet turned into a psychopath. That might be one reason why Toy Story 2 isn’t on this list.

A Bug’s Life: the niche actor insect flick

A Bug’s Life

I remember this being released around the same time as Dreamworks’ Antz, and everyone was all, A Bug’s Life is lame! Antz is where it’s at!

But I always liked this one more. It has the geeks line-up of voice talent: Kids in the Hall‘s Dave Foley, Madeline Kahn, Denis Leary, and a pre-American Beauty Kevin Spacey, while Antz was a weird powerhouse showcase including Woody Allen, Anne Bancroft, Sharon Stone, and Sylvester Stallone. Huh?

A Bug’s Life also includes a ‘blooper reel’ at the credits that I fully appreciate.


Finding photos labeled for reuse is often hilarious.

 The Lion King

I feel like The Lion King just sort of has to be on the list. I mean, it was great; I saw it in the theater as an adult. It’s pure animated camp to me now, but at one time, most of us were caught up in the circle of life. Not as much as Julie Taymor though.

Bonus Question: What Disney-movie toys and books do you remember from your youth?



New Music of 2016 ~ This is What I Found

Some years, I list favorite albums. Some years it’s favorite cuts. This year, I’m all over the map, but so is the landscape of music – and in my opinion, that’s kind of how it should be.

Here’s some of the new music I discovered last year … and how (<– literally as well as figuratively, kids! Let’s learn the difference in 2017).

Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats

The self-titled album making the rounds on pop and alternative radio now was actually released in 2015, but Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats also released A Little Something More From Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats in 2016, plus two singles from the original album: Wasting Time and I Need Never Get Old.

These guys haven’t been together that long, but they’re polished aF. Talk about picking your roster…I love them and they’re on the top of my list to check out live. Take note, Ben.

Below is my favorite track, Howling at Nothing.


The first K. Flay single that caught my ear was Can’t Sleep, released in 2014. But the artist has actually released four EPs and 10 singles in six years, including Crush Me and its lead single, this year’s Blood in the Cut.

Note: I knew nothing about K. Flay before I heard that first tune, and continued to know-not-much other than her sound for a long time. For this reason, I think she’s a great example of a voice that permeates without a lot of branding fanfare; I only recently looked up more information as I discovered more of her music. She’s still the coolest, and I’m loving her vibe.

A Tribe Called Quest

Soon after seeing Tribe’s reunion performance on SNL — albeit sans long-time member MC Phife Dawg — I bought the full album We Got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service, released in November 2016. Full disclosure: I’d just gotten an iTunes gift card for my birthday (Thanks Jon), so the timing was right. But I’m very happy with my purchase. The timing of this release could not have been better, given the climate in the U.S. right now… not to mention this is a solid album from start to finish. Stand-out tracks for me include We the People (my new anthem), Kids and The Space Program.

 The Avalanches

I think the first time I heard these guys and their new album, Wildflower, was via one of my local radio stations, WEQX. – the same goes for K. Flay. The Avalanches are catchy, bizarre, and samply… I  describe their lead track Frank Sinatra (below) as Squirrel Nut Zippers meet Gorillaz.