No Time to Search the World Around

Frank Goudey, a musician and stone mason, was killed in a car accident in Harwich, Mass. yesterday. He was 30.

Frank and I were great friends in high school but like many of us had lost touch over the years. I always, as the song says, thought that I’d see him again. It always seems like there will be time.

Frank was an amazing musician – I’d heard him play guitar on many occasions, but I remember one time in particular, seeing him play ‘When I Come Around’ by Green Day in our high school auditorium for some sort of school function. I watched classmates who’d never given much thought to who Frank was turn and face the stage one by one, wowed by this generally quiet, unassuming guy.

He was hilarious though – a sharp, dry wit – and very focused, smart, and caring.

His name even became the school’s unofficial mantra for a while – back in the day, we’d say ‘I’m outtie,’ instead of ‘I’m leaving’ – that soon morphed into Outtie, like Frank Goudey.

I dug some old photos out today – a shot of five of us crammed into a photo booth at the movie theater, Frank crossing his eyes and sticking out his tongue. A photo from the prom when Frank and I went with junior friends, as seniors. A picture of Frank doing his best Bogart impression, a cigarette hanging casually from his left hand.

I wanted to share some of these memories, however old or fragmented.

Because it always seems like there will be time.

Published: Friday, 28 December 2007


Writerjax‘ left this comment on 9 Jan 08
Thanks to everyone who’s left such great comments about Frank. Who knew ‘outtie like Frank Goudey’ was so far-reaching! I too am going to keep saying it – and now, It will be a pleasure to explain why to others. 😉

A visitor‘ left this comment on 8 Jan 08
i was so sad to learn about frank’s passing… what a great guy – just always a pleasure to be around. i have very fond memories of sitting around his little apartment above the stewed tomato with some friends and making up tunes on the guitar. as so often seems to be the case, we didn’t stay in touch very well. we exchanged some messages on myspace several months ago, but man, i wish we had had a chance to play some more music together. and “i’m outtie like frank goudey” has long been a part of the chatham vernacular as well – i always thought one of my friends made it up when we were in high school! i still say it – i find it impossible NOT to say it if someone says “i’m outtie.” i guess i’ll still say it… and give frank a “what’s up?” look to the sky. he will be missed.

A visitor‘ left this comment on 6 Jan 08
Frank was one of my very best friends in college and I am fortunate enough to have spent two summers on the cape working with him in the ice cream trucks at the beach and at the Stewed. I have so many great memories of times we had and I am thankful for each of them. He and I kept in touch and I was hoping to visit him soon. The cape will never feel the same without him. Frank was a very genuine, one of a kind and special friend to me – there is nobody in this world who could ever replace him. His smile and goofy laugh will forever make me smile.

I know that he loved the Cape and had alot of love for high school memories…. please continue to remember his spirit kindly. Thank you so much for posting something about a man I truly loved.

Writerjax‘ left this comment on 2 Jan 08
Pete, thanks so much for your comment, and for sharing memories too – growing up in a small town has definitely shaped who we are.

A visitor‘ left this comment on 2 Jan 08
To Frank and family,

  • My deepest sympathy’s to the Goudey family and to all those who were his friends. He will be missed and remembered by many more than will ever post comments here.
  • Frank and I were never the greatest of friends but I’m sure that I speak for many when I say that he will always be a part of growing up in a small town and that he will be thought of many times during the course of our lives and will now be missed each time. I will always remember the Harwich Port Merchants, cub scouts, graduation parties and seeing Frank at the Tomato before school, to name a few. I’m not sure whether or not it remains appropriate to be “Outtie” any more but will always be a silent tribute in my head when I depart from now on.

One thought on “No Time to Search the World Around

  1. Mikayla Rivetts says:

    When I was a little kid, I figure skated at Charles Moore Arena (Harwich, MA) where Frank worked at the time. He was always quiet, but smiling and had a genuine, caring aura to him. Him and my dad, who also worked at the rink, were friends and I remember I would watch them chat with each other often. It is amazing what we remember as little kids haha. He had a special impact on me because he was always so kind and nice. It’s been 13 years since his passing and I can still remember him for some reason. I was 9 at the time and now I am 22. He was the guy at the rink who would always give me quarters to get hot tamales out of the candy machine, and he would talk to me here and there, always with a kind face. When you are a little kid, you look up to older adults like him. Every small act of kindness and happy conversation leaves a meaningful impact.

    I moved the summer of his passing and remember my dad talking about him in January of 2008. It was just recently that I really thought about him and wanted to do some research on who this kind man from my childhood was. When I read all the wonderful stories about how he was a talented musician, a craftsman, witty, caring, and funny, and how he made an impact on other people’s lives too, it breaks my heart to know he left this Earth at such a young age. I know he is in a better place now, and my condolences go to the Goudey family. The more I grow up, the more I realize it is rare to come across kind, caring, and genuine people like Frank. I will never forget him and I know he is watching over all of us.


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