A Pen in One Hand, a Fork in the Other

You know that old adage that you can always spot a journalist at an event, because they’re the ones shoving food from the buffet table in their pockets?

Sure, it’s an adage that doesn’t roll off the tongue that easily, but it’s true nevertheless. I’ve attended many a benefit dinner with a deliberately over-sized purse. It’s not just economics that make me take notice of the spread, though — I’m a complete foodie, and thankfully, my job is one that allows for some liberal face-stuffing.

I have a flickr set called The Foodie Files where I post some of my plated adventures, like this sirloin and gnocchi parfait:

sirloin and gnocchi parfait

and this action shot of Shootflying Hill Dessert Sauce being made before I was able to taste-test it:


and these quenelles with Giraudet sauce, served at a Rhone-Alpes tasting dinner in Lyon, France:


But I’m always looking for something new and epicurious, whether I’m writing about it or not, and lately I’ve been taking notice of many of the fantastic foodie blogs out there, in an effort to further stretch my culinary muscle.

Here are a few of my favorites:



My Burning Kitchen

Dozen Flours

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