Too tired to carve.

pumpkin kit

I used my ‘pumpkin kit’ instead of carving a jack-o-lantern this year; it comes with three different options – a cat, a bat, and a jack-o-lantern, that you put together like a Mr. Potato Head.

The treaters seemed to like it, and it wasn’t thrown into the street at 3 a.m., so, yay. Actually, it was a pretty pleasant Halloween overall.

One thing I like about Halloween in my city is all the kids actually say ‘Trick or Treat’ when they come to the door. Where I grew up, we weren’t that into being literal, I guess. This year, all of the kids and parents were very polite and I saw a lot of creepy costumes, versus the trend in past years toward boys dressing like Tom Brady and girls dressing like little -ahem- Ladies of the Evening.

My favorite treater of the night was a little, potty-training dragon who had to come in to use my bathroom or risk dampening her costume – she got a Nestle’s Crunch for doing a good job. Her mother looked it me with a face that said ‘thank you so much for not thinking I am a home-invader and actually letting me in.’ It’s not common practice in the city, nor should it be. But she had a good vibe and at any rate, there were about 50 ghoulish families prowling the street at that very moment.

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