WriterJax Holiday Gift Guide 2009

Ah, gift guide season. My fave. I compiled a list without much of a theme this year – I know, for someone who can’t have friends over for dinner without reminding them that it’s Luau/Soup n’ Sandwich/Star Wars/Walk-Around-Backwards night, it’s shocking. But the loose ties that bind this year’s list together are merely to keep it simple, give experiences as well as things, throw a couple of coins to the little guy, and embrace the one-of-a-kind.


File Under: Baby, You Could Drive My Car if I Had Any Money for Gas

• Support independent music by the sea with a purchase of Cape Cod Covers, Vol. 1 – “The King” or Vol. 2 – “The Beatles.” It’s a feel-good, spend-less way to jump on the vintage rock wave created by Rock Band. $13

File Under: I’m Drowning in a Sea of Paper, and Lovin’ Every Minute of it


• I’m making a lot of my gifts this year, and I imagine a lot of my readers are, too. As such, I’ve become addicted to Paperclipping.com podcasts, hosted by Noell Hyman, who teaches papercrafting tutorials (scrapbook pages, ornaments, home decor, and more). Paperclipping is hip with a cutting-edge (forgive the pun) look; the complete opposite of its HSN and QVC counterparts. Check out some of the free shows archive for crafty holiday ideas, or buy your favorite scrapper a subscription, which includes members-only tutorials, access to all past shows, and HD videos. $55 one-time fee for six-months.*

File Under: Oooh look at all the pretty colors!

rearview mirror

• If you’re on or near Cape Cod this season, by all means stop by the Rear View Mirror Boutique in Brewster. It’s a cute little shop filled with vintage and mod clothes and accessories, which of course are my favorite things. New things are always flowing in, but the vibe is always the same: chill.

File Under: You Can be Two-dimensional, or You Can be Clean

• Want to gift the gift of virtual awesomeness? Hire designer Merrilee Aurora Hale to create a one-of-a-kind digital work of art for you. Merrilee also creates and sells various sundries through her shop Copper Orchid – soaps, scents, and other curiosities, wrapped in labels she designs herself.

copper orchid

File Under: Shameless Self-promotion as a Coping Mechanism

What can I say – my zazzle shop has had great success with La Foodie Apron this year. Simple. Concise. Yellow. $20.


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