Try as I might to put together a top ten albums list this year, I’m coming up short. While my multimedia consumption hasn’t exactly slowed, it’s changed. For one, I was the queen of the iPhone in 2009, and as such did a lot more downloading of individual tunes and podcasts than of full albums.

New, fun, live-in-the-moment techie stuff also adds a wrinkle. I’ve had live recordings of my favorite singer-songwriters left on my desk in jump drives in the past year, and received new additions on my phone and in my inbox. I’ve even captured one of my own tracks, holding the iphone’s built-in recorder up in the air to grab Bleu doing a cover of MJ’s Human Nature at tt the bear’s. I kinda wrecked it by trying to sing along with the high part, but it’s a nice moment.

There are a couple of album stand-outs for me from ’09 – David Gray’s Draw the Line among them – but, overall, I was definitely more of a sampler in 2009, dipping a tentative (and cash-strapped) toe into the pop culture pool.

That said, here’s a list of some of my favorite, er, lists – those of the end-of-the-year variety, to add variety. Sample away.

The WMVY Top 25 Albums of 2009 – WMVY has been my favorite radio station for a long time. Based on Martha’s Vineyard, I used to listen to it via the airwaves when I still lived on Cape Cod, and now I listen online. Every year, MVY puts together a list of top albums – ranging from indie dark horses to chart-toppers – and plays each album in their entirety at the end of the year.

The RollingStone Top 100 Albums of the Decade – A great summation of ten years of music, if not erring on the side of pretentious from time to time (as RS is wont to do). Still, the albums that should be there – in my opinion and Billboard’s – are in there, as are some I’m sure are worth the discovery.

The iTunes Rewind 2009 – Fab one-stop shopping for all things media, including games and apps and things.

The TIME Top Ten of Everything – which is pretty self-explanatory.

…one more list – RedHeadedDivaK ‘s Top Twenty of Social Media , on which yours truly appears. I’m humbled to be in such awesome company – definitely give the list and its bloggers a look, then get back to changing the world.


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