Blogtoberfest Guest Post: Where All My Zombies At?

This post was written by Gene Hyatt, who publishes My Life in Pictures and this Haiku blog. He talks about life, photography, and, yes, Zombies.

October has to be one of the greatest months in the Gregorian calendar. There is something for everyone, Oktoberfest, the fall foliage, post season MLB, haunted hay rides with warm apple cider and Captain Morgan, and of course plenty of new horror flicks hitting the big screen. Whether your taste is for vampires, serial killers or zombies, Hollywood is ready (and willing) to scare the pants off of us all for a price, and this years menu looks like it will have something on it for almost everyone.

But what if it doesn’t? I couldn’t help but notice a lack of new zombie films in the theater this season, but don’t fret, good old television is stepping up and filling in the gap.

On October 31st AMC will broadcast the 90 minute premier of its new 6 part series “Walking Dead” based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman as part of its annual Fearfest. It follows the story of police officer Rick Grimes who wakes in the hospital (a la “28 Days”) after a near fatal gunshot wound only to find out there has been a zombie apocalypse. After meeting up with a group of survivors he attempts to lead them all to find a safe haven from the zombie threat.

Thank you AMC for giving us Horror Comic fans something this Halloween.

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