PodCamp, Strangers, and Tea Parties

Hello, Hello, Hello!

SocMed for Small Business and Freelancers Roundtable

The SocMed for Entrepreneurs Roundtable at PCWM3

Yikes, three days post-PodCamp and I still haven’t written a wrap-up post? I’m so behind!

Thankfully, many of my fellow campers have been picking up my slack. PCWM 3 was Saturday, Feb. 5, and despite New England winter-weather, we had a packed house. You can check out what’s been blogged, vlogged, and posted via

More later!

Published: Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Thematic Photographic: Strangers

This week’s ThemPho theme is Strangers, and as the founder of this online photography exercise explains, it’s a rare ‘rule-breaking’ subject for photogs.


“Since I began shooting, I’ve stayed away from pointing my lens at people I don’t know,” says Carmi. “I couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of obtaining permission, of explaining why, of being accused, in this litigious age, of being a stalker.”


But he found himself on a trip recently that presented some unique ‘stranger photo’ opportunities, and as such, a new, fun theme to work with came about. Plus, shooting strangers doesn’t always need to be a stealthy operation; sometimes just a wave before pressing the shutter button is enough to secure an interesting shot without any hard feelings. Photos in that vein are what I’ve chosen to showcase today. What are your favorite ‘stranger’ photos?


‘Peek,’ London, England



‘The Usual Suspects,’ Dublin, Ireland

The Usual Suspects


‘Dijon Mustard,’ Dijon, France

Dijon Mustard

Published: Friday, 11 February 2011 Tags: thematic photographic

No, not that kind of tea party.

…the old-fashioned kind, with tea and finger sandwiches and big pots of honey. Ladies sitting around the table dishing. Those little cookies with the chocolate filling.

Scenes from my latest tea party are below. Have your own … it’s very calming. And there are cookies.




Published: Friday, 25 February 2011


A visitor‘ left this comment on 25 Feb 11
Love tea these days…nice spread!

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