Food – the Never-ending Budget Bender

nice melons

Nice Melons, by WriterJax

Ever since I started collecting ideas for hip budgeting, as it were, I’ve noticed that the area in which I’m most constantly looking to cut costs is food. Fast food, groceries, dinners out, snacks … they seem to add up more than anything and, indeed, it can be more expensive to eat healthy than otherwise.

Here are a few of the little tips and tricks I’ve noticed lately – I’ll try to keep these coming. Leave a comment if you have a suggestion of your own, too!

– When grocery shopping, take note of the freezer case at the end of the frozen foods aisle. It often has clearance and sale items inside that have been cleared out to make room for new product.

– McDonalds iced tea, unsweetened or sweetened: This is my favorite realization lately. A large iced tea at McDs is $1. A medium, mind you, is $1.45. Go for bulk! (Also, Dunkins just added a .99 – cent breakfast menu. Double score).

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