Thematic Photographic – Up

I have been lax in my ThemPho posts lately, but now is a good time to rekindle the flame – I’m sort of in between writing assignments, just getting off a particularly busy week, and other than work, I haven’t done much that’s very interesting.

So here’s the theme this week – ‘Up.’ I’m not sure how Carmi (Thematic Photographic’s creator) comes up with his themes, but they’re always broad enough to accomodate any kind of interpretation, while staying off-beat and interesting.

Here are a few of my shots that say ‘up’ to me:

Dublin’s City Hall

Nikon N90 28-200 Tamron Lens

Hot Air Balloon Media Trip, Greenfield, Mass.

Nikon D70, standard lens

Energy Stairs

Nikon N70


A visitor‘ left this comment on 16 Feb 09
I love the energy stairs. They have all the colors of the chakras.

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