The other day, I visited the New England Air Museum for an article I’m working on, and in addition to a tour of the exhibition hangars, I also got to climb inside a Boeing B-29 — something that most visitors don’t get to do.


It was a highlight of the trip, as was getting to see the Excambian, a massive, amphibious plane that was donated to the museum by actress Maureen O’hara. The luxury liner accomodated 16 people in full-length beds, and took off from New York’s East River, landing in Ireland. It’s amazing the behemoth ever even got off the ground — the wheels are the size of industrial Dumpsters — but apparently it had an unscathed run in its heyday.


I uploaded a few of my photos from the tour to flickr, but as per the usual on flickr, I’ve gotten the most hits on a picture of a McDonalds I snapped while stopped at a red light.


Ah, America and your capitalist ideals. Marvels of aviation? Yeah, dat’s coo. CHICKEN ON A BISCUIT FOR BREAKFAST?? WHERE DO I SIGN UP!!

Published: Thursday, 21 August 2008


Bart‘ left this comment on 24 Aug 08
You know, I was in England 11 years ago, and in this small little town there was this McDonalds. No big deal, right? They’ve got a bunch of McDonalds all over the world. Well this one intrigued me, because it looked like a converted bank or courthouse. I mean, the tall columns, everything. I took a picture of it, and now I’m gonna see if I can find it and scan it in, just so I can talk about it on my blog. Because man, as a 19 year old, I was just like “whoa!” and even now as I’m pushing 31 I’m really tickled by the idea of a civic building being turned in to a McDonalds.

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