Retail Therapy Thursday: Etsy Does It

Do you love etsy already? Because I’m sort of a recent fan, but I’m definitely loving it. It’s everything shopping should be and more. Here’s why:

I recently bought a few pairs of these earrings for friends from Kathy’s Creations.


They came pre-wrapped in cute, little fabric bags, and I also got a free pair of earrings for myself with the order – bonus!

Then, just yesterday, I received these vintage earrings I purchased from Vintage Misc.:


and they arrived wrapped in printed tissue with a little greeting card inside, thanking me for the purchase. People are so nice.

But it’s not just the customer service and the personal touch I love — it’s being able to browse thousands of one-of-a-kind things to find one that’s a perfect fit for my style, and actually finding it!

Here are a few things on my wish list:

Sigh, a dress after my own, nerdy heart!

shakespeare dress

Vintage overlay skirt:

faux bois tags:

sellers: makool, paperhill, and heatherlea

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