SMC 5: The Foodie Episode

The latest episode of Social Media Circuit is live! This week, my guest Ron W. of A Foodie’s Life and I talked about how social media makes being a food-fanatic even more fun than ever. Check out the episode below, or read more about some of the topics we covered.


Outstanding in their Field(s)
In a discussion about the importance of social media in agriculture, the California Agricultural Summit held last week focused on some of the ways social media is being used for marketing, consumer education and crisis management, and how social media trends will influence agriculture. While mass marketing has been used for many years, now there’s a growing emphasis on establishing one-on-one relationships with people through social media, which acts as an “amplifier” to traditional media.
In crisis management, social media has rapidly accelerated the pace at which a crisis can spread and the demands on crisis management to contain that spread. Traditional media continues to act as a major catalyst, but if the people talking about you are using social channels, it’s only natural that your business must as well.

Last Week’s Winner of the Social Faux Pas Award – Back Again?!
Last week on SMC we took a look at the Twitter backfire McDonald’s experienced and how they handled the backlash. This week, McD’s is back in the social headlines, this time for ticking off the pitbull owners of the world with an ad to promote their new Chicken McBites. The ad was on the radio in a limited market, but the campaign to shut it down went global on the social networks in a matter of days.

Send a Heinie to your Honey
Heineken is harnessing the power of social with a facebook-based app that allows anyone to send a personalized serenade to their sweetie. The app is available in 20 languages and offers 640 different song options in four clicks. There’s a traditional media tie-in – in particular a series of short films/TV commercials,  all part of the ‘Open Your World’ campaign. There is a social extension in the form of ‘Serenade Live’ on YouTube – an eight hour broadcast that gives people around the world the chance to serenade the object of their desire online ( through the band in the app).

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