Style Sunday: UltraMod Edition

Whether you call it mod-vintage or kitsch or mid-century, 1950s and 60s decor can be done with panache just as effectively as it can go horribly, horribly wrong.

Thankfully, the latter is not the case at the gorgeous house I visited this weekend, a veritable gem of real estate and eye candy for anyone dazzled by house-style. Like me.

Invited for a dinner party to talk travel, writing, new technology, and a few tales from high school, I instantly found myself apologizing to the host for walking around her pad with my iPhone in hand.

“I’m sorry,” I said – meaning it. “I’m totally walking around taking pictures of your house.”

I was forgiven, and even given the tour with notes on what was old, what was new, what was a found treasure, and what came with the house upon sale. I was surprised, for instance, that these amazing tiles were original:


and this awesome glass divider:

glass divider

But plenty of the pizzazz is thanks to the owner’s great eye. She’s got a knack for pulling an entire room together:

mod kitchen

…and little touches.

Ah, house envy. You’re a cruel mistress.

(thanks Cindy!)

Published: Wednesday, 9 September 2009

2 thoughts on “Style Sunday: UltraMod Edition

  1. Jane Stevenson says:

    Never knew you inherited the love for “old” houses. Nice pictures..Have a hard time thinking of the 50’s as “vintage”! That’s us! What does that make 1786?????!!


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