Getting Snappy with Photo Layouts

I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to use all of my favorite socmed networks, and flickr is no exception. In fact, it remains my favorite place to be online. This is not a shameless paid endorsement, although it reeks on one – the fact is, flickr has recently linked with snapfish to offer printing and sharing options, after partnering with several different providers for a while.

I got sucked into the photo-editing vortex the other night as I poked around trying to get acquainted, and here is my review.

Snapfish has plenty of cool products to customize with photos or designs, and that alone can make for hours of mindless surfing. From journals to jewelry, just about every holiday is covered and I dig that.

But I wanted to see how the system worked, so I made a test album from this year’s Easter Egg Hunt with Bean, and I love the flexibility – I can autofill photos into a photo book with a template layout, or I can lay the photos out the way I want to. Plus, snapfish lets users not just order hard-copy versions of their books, but also print or share them virtually via email, facebook, or links for free (Recipients can order their own books, too); I linked to the full book I made from the photo above.

Overall? w00t. This gets a full w00t rating. But that’s not to say snap and flickr shouldn’t keep pushing the envelope – it’s what keeps me coming back 😉 .

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