Blog Flashback, May 2008: Sun is out, the temperature is up.

…or so reads the thermometer. I am so sick-as-a-dog sick i can’t even capitalize.

i started feeling like dookie two days ago and now i’m at the peak of illness- that snotty, nasty, congested, nauseous, listless, and too tired to sleep point of the sickness. you know what i mean.

today is deadline day at the full-time office job, so yesterday and this morning were not ideal times to be under the weather. i stayed at home yesterday and wrote a full story and three-quarters of another, but it took me from 6 am to 10 pm with intermittent sleep- and whining-breaks interspersed throughout. this morning i went to work until 11:30, came home, and fell asleep for what i thought was a couple of hours – the clock read 5:35. oops.

…so i’ve been catching up on the blogosphere with what little strength i have, and what a day it’s been in virtual-land. The DOOCE Heather Armstrong herself was on the Today Show talking to Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford, and she did a great job. I loved her cute dress and restraint in speaking with Gramma Gifford about “bahLOGing??” KLG kept stepping on Heather’s words and trying to relate to the television audience by exclaiming wildly about this new-fangled fad called the Internet. Then, when Heather tried to make a point about boundaries and blog safety by comparing her online habits to the pros and cons of living in New York City, Frank’s Wife cut her off a-gain by yelping “BUT I DON’T LIVE IN NEW YORK! HA-HA!”

“HA-HA?” This must be why I don’t watch morning television. That, and I’m generally asleep.

I also got to catch up on the news of some of my favorite bloggers (or webblers as we like to call them over at TSB), including Nanette, Keely, and The Slack Mistress, as well as some I don’t read every day, like Rosie O’donnell’s r blog. I’m not sure what led me over to her blog today, but it’s quite nice. She posts videos set to great music and clips from rehearsals for her upcoming Broadway show, No No Nanette (no relation to the blogger above). Rosie gets a lot of flack for being too political, too vocal, blahblahblah, but that’s not what her blog is about. It’s just about life, and I think I’m going to check her out more often.

I must be feeling a little better, since I started capitalizing again. But since I’m sure this won’t last long, I’m off to watch Family Guy and Top Chef. The former being about where my brain is right now.

Published: Wednesday, 7 May 2008

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