Look, Mom! I’m in the Newspaper!


Schoolhouse Ice Cream Knows the Skinny.

It’s actually a little embarrassing to be in your hometown newspaper in your thirties — a fact I didn’t realize until the article dropped and I remembered that the last time I was in the Cape Cod Chronicle I was 17 . That said, the interview with writer Debra Lawless was fun. A fellow ‘Capie,’ she’s also a fan of the town I live in now — Lenox in the Berkshires — so a glass of vino or two might be in our future.

The agency I work for got some great props, and a few other cool factors arose after publication. I forgot, for instance, (sorry Debra) that the Chronicle actually cut me my first check for a story back in 1992 — I was paid $25 for a Christmas story.

Plus, when I first saw this week’s edition, who’s right there in four-color on the cover? Top of the fold?

My big brother.

I hadn’t, up to this point, told any of my Cape family or friends that I’d been interviewed. In addition to feeling a tad silly, I thought it would be nice for my mom or aunts to open up the paper and see the Kid Who Never Comes Home to Visit. Then the issue arrived peppered with Stevensons and suddenly it looked like there was a conspiracy afoot. We’re nothing if not absurd.

A final note: Debra Lawless is a freelance writer and author of several books, including Provincetown: A History of Artists and Renegades in a Fishing Village and Chatham in the Jazz Age. She has Kindle-ready and paperback versions for sale; take a gander!

Download the Article Here

2 thoughts on “Look, Mom! I’m in the Newspaper!

  1. carole dunbar says:

    very nice article, Jac. anyone who has known you since your “junior” writing days isn’t all that surprised to see what you have accomplished. we all knew you could do it!


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