A Note to My Nieces: These are not your role models.

I have two nieces – one, commonly referred to on this blog as DQ (short for Drama Queen – she’s a fabulous actor – and a Drama Queen) is 14, and The Bean is four.

Neither of their parents have done anything less than instill confidence and the importance of using one’s brain in their daughters, but when I’m inundated with images each day of young celebrities who look like they’re ready to apply for AARP, I can’t help but worry that someday one or both of them might think they don’t measure up to pop culture’s standards of beauty and worth.

While I do see times a-changin’ — that uber-skinny heroin-chic look seems to be waning, thank God — body image in girls is still a tough subject. I don’t normally blog about celebrities, but I happened upon a few different photos within a matter of hours today that compelled me to share them. These are not the worst photos out there of these ladies, just random shots — and they really drive home the idea that taking care of yourself isn’t just about what might happen later in life.

Ladies ages 10 – 30, these are not your role models. And ladies 30 and up, take solace in the fact that, if you look even remotely your age, you’re doing better than these four. Yikes.

Age: 30

Age: 26

Age: 31 (age of breasts – 6)

Age: 25

I personally think I’m still holding strong as a passable 34.

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