Blogtoberfest is Upon Us

It’s here – the best month of the year, and therefore The Jump’s annual celebration thereof: Blogtoberfest!

I’ve started snapping photos already – a few glimpses of the month are below, and more will follow – and I’ve also put a few feelers out for some guest posts. Got something Octobery to share? Let me know. I’m working on a giveaway for the guest post with the most views. For now…

A road in Lenox, Mass. where the trees are just starting to turn. Fun fact: photo snapped through windshield.

Nightmare Before Cocoa

 Cocoa at Haven Bakery – the swirl reminds me of the cliff in Nightmare Before Christmas:

Cobra CandleMy cobra candleholder.


One of my favorite haunts is currently serving some mean pumpkin martinis, topped with warm whipped cream and — I’m assuming here — love.

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