Prizes Secured for Blogtoberfest Guest Post Contest!

It’s no secret that October is my favorite month — I crafted an entire blog promotion around it that I’ve actually stuck with for more than a year. What I am reminded of each season, though, is that many other people dig this time of year, too.

That’s how Blogtoberfest Guest Posts came about … I always welcome guest posts at The Jump, but I take the collection thereof more seriously from October 1 to All Hallows Eve. The results have been varied and awesome, ranging in topic from witches to zombies to Neil Diamond.

That’s not to say guest posts need to be spooky, though. October is also the month of harvest, baseball (if you’re not a Red Sox fan this year, anyway) and Breast Cancer Awareness. It may be that you or your organization have an annual event this month that deserves a little publicity. Whatever the topic – if it says October to you, it’s fair game for the 2012 Blogtoberfest Guest Post Contest, or BloGuPoCo for short.

That brings me to the latest addition to the contest — a little incentive to get people in the blogging spirit and offer the potential for bragging rights later. For the last week, I’ve been on the hunt for prizes for the top guest poster of the month, to be decided by readers via an online poll at the end of the month. I’m excited to report that our first prize has been secured thanks to the overall awesomeness of some great people – let’s start with artists Suzi Banks Baum and Karen Arp Sandel.

The two women founded FeMail Mail Art in 2007 by sending collage postcards to each other that explored many themes of common interest: the feminine figure, mandalas, the Divine Feminine, yoga practice, poetry, and more. Karen and Suzi continue to send postcards back and forth – sort of a mail-bound, shared scrapbook of life events – and also lead workshops and sell their art via

There’s no doubt that both women are fantastic artists, but because they’re also awesome people, Karen and Suzi have donated an original piece of FeMail Art to the winner of BloGuPoCo (sue me, it’s too long to type), mailed directly to the winner or the recipient of their choice through the good-old, oft-forgotten snail mail.

But wait! There’s more! There’s another fantabulous prize up for grabs – perfect for gift-giving or keep-keeping. The Chili Cook-off in a Box is one of three foodie-contest-in-box offerings by Gina Hyams, who started with Pie Contest in a Box and will follow her chili-endeavor with Christmas Cookie Contest in a Box. 

Christmas Cookie Contest in a Box: Everything You Need to Host a Christmas Cookie Contest

I just participated in Gina’s book launch party, a chili cook-off at The Meat Market in Great Barrington that benefited  Share the Bounty, a program that buys shares from local CSAs and donates them to open pantries. Beyond coming up with a great idea, putting it to paper, and publicizing and marketing it with the concurrent goal of helping a worthy cause, Gina also generously contributed a copy of Chili Cook-off in a Box to this year’s Blogtoberfest Guest Post Contest.

Think these sundries sound like some of the cooler and more unique prizes one could win in a blogging contest? Me too – so get writing and send your entries to

Rampant Sisterhood

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