From the #Blogtoberfest Archives: entry #1 -‘Decisions’

Here’s a little Blogtoberfest mini-saga, wherein Justine and Jax talk Halloween costumes, and Teen vacillates from Judy Garland to pirate wenches to the California Highway Patrol.

Justine: I was thinking of going as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz … can you believe I’ve never gone as the lead character from my favorite movie?

Jax: I think I’d make a mean Sarah Palin.

Justine: You would with the glasses and all. So maybe Dorothy for me … or I was also thinking maybe Kiera Knightley’s character in Pirates of the Carribean, or the blond guy from CHiPs.

2012 Update: She actually chose Sold Gold Dancer that year.
Solid GOLD

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