A Blogtober to Remember

What a ride! Blogtoberfest is over and it was a total success! All I can say is

Thank You.

Commenters, readers, writers, promoters, contributors of prizes… wow. Just the fact that I have that many *types* of people, let alone specific individuals, to recognize is truly humbling. Again, thanks.

I’m psyched to report that every post that was entered received  votes. There was a lot of thoughtful discussion going on throughout voting on the social networks, and in the end, everyone was a winner.
But some were more winny than others. Here’s the rundown:

Whisky Weather by Tom Sitzer, Spooky Tricks and Sweet Treats for Freelancing by Kristeen Moore, and Haunted Houses for Sale Now by the writers at TopTenRealEstateDeals.com tied for Honorable Mention status.

…in Fourth Place, the dark horse: choosing to take on the dark world of October with a fully fueled post about the World Series of Poker, Ben Ragusa found himself with poker-loving backers.
On to Third Place – another tie! Me and the Pioneer Valley by Joe Schneiderman, a driving guide of western Mass. in the fall, and Jeff Cutler‘s holiday-splicing entry One Turkey per Customer.

Nothing says New England like an historic glance at holiday traditions gone by; man, do we know how to do it up. Taking 25% of the vote this year, our Second Place winner was a well-researched flight of whimsy: A History of Halloween in the Berkshires by Joe Durwin.

…and finally, our Grand Prize Winner  — someone who embraces all things October, and especially the horrific aspects. An artist, a thinker, a writer of Blogtoberfest posts – Sara Wentworth, one of two artists at Secret Society Art, takes this year’s top honors!
She wins a copy of Chili Cook-off in a Box by Gina Hyams, an original piece of FeMail art, and this badge for her blog:
This has honestly been a blast, readers and writers. Best Blogtoberfest Ever. See you next year!

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