35 in 15

Sometimes, the best birthdays are Italian dinners out on the town. Sometimes, the evening is best captured in little glimpses.

And sometimes, restaurants are dark.

Nonetheless, below are 15 hazy-blur images from my recent 35th birthday, including dinner at Trattoria Rustica. My photos do the restaurant no justice, nor their cuisine; but I hope they at least whet the appetite.

The menu:
Goat cheese ravioli with truffle oil
Pork Scallopini with House-made Mozzarella, root vegetables, and kale
Salmon in Port Wine Sauce
House-made gelato in a cocoa pod
House-made cannoli
Wine: Piazzo Barbera


1. Birthday wine glass, 2. Birthday schwag, 3. Candle lights, 4. Brick oven, 5. Candle stairs, 6. Trattoria Rustica, 7. Cannoli, 8. Chocolate sorbetti in a cocoa pod, 9. pork scallopini, 10. Salmon in port wine sauce, 11. Plates, 12. Cork, 13. Piazzo Barbera, 14. crest, 15. antichi sapori – ancient flavors

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