Earth Mamas

Happy Mom Day! In doing some research for a blog assignment in the past few weeks, I learned about how different countries celebrate Mother’s Day, or their version of it. I thought I’d share a few of my favorites.

In Nepal
Mata Tirtha Aunshi, Held with the first new moon in April or May

In Nepal, living mothers are honored with festivals and those who’ve passed on are often remembered with pilgrimages to holy baths in Katmandhu. Observed with the new moon in April or May, the celebration is an extension of Hindu religion, and pre-dates the creation of the U.S.-inspired holiday by at least a few centuries.

In Ethiopia
Antrosht, Held when the rainy season ends in October or November

Ethiopians wait out the wet season then trek home for a large, three-day family feast known as Antrosht. Children gather ingredients such as butter, cheese, vegetables, spices, and meats, and their mothers prepare traditional meals, presiding as host, chef, and honored guest all at once.

In Indonesia…
Hari Ibu, Held on December 22

Indonesia’s Mother’s Day, or Hari Ibu, falls on the anniversary of the First Indonesian Women’s Congress in 1928, and was made an official holiday in 1953. Hari Ibu’s traditions are both colorful and festive, including surprise parties, cooking contests, and fashion shows featuring mothers modeling traditional kebaya outfits.

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