Notes from the first Willow House magazine Twitter Chat


Willow House magazine, a lifestyle mag I write for, hosted its first TwitterChat last week (learn more about TwitterChats here in this great post by Kaitlyn of Pierce Social). The inaugural topic was Holiday Health, and a lot of great ideas — and recipes! — were traded. So, if you missed the live tweeting, I compiled some of the highlights below.

If you’re on Twitter, you can follow some of the smarties via their Twitter handles below, or join in the next TwitterChat in about two weeks by following the hashtag #WHMingle. I’ll keep you posted… for now, share some of your ideas and tips for Holiday Health in the comments!

From Zen Travellerin Calgary, Alberta

I love all the chocolates so I try to keep dark chocolate around and make hot cocoa instead of the powdered stuff.

I love this one for the day after one of those huge holiday meals:
Kaitlyn Piercein the Berkshires, Massachusetts

I try to indulge OUTSIDE of the house in all of the treats and avoid bringing them to my house!

I love pie! Pumpkin especially. But I did find this great recipe for “skinny” pumpkin pie 😉

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