Bright Colors, Clean Lines at Hotel Indigo

We were able to escape for a quick getaway last weekend, to see Trevor Noah live at the Wilbur Theatre, and take a break from reality at Hotel Indigo in Newton.

It was a whirlwind stay in the dead of winter, but we’re definitely planning a return. Here’s a quick run-down of some of the hotel’s higher points:

The Art.



The plans and schematics of inventions created in New England are printed on bright paper and placed under frameless glass in rooms and hallways. Our room also included a floor-to-ceiling print on fabric that looked like batik, but upon closer inspection, turned out to be a macro photograph of a cocktail umbrella.


The Location.

This isn’t the prettiest of photos, but it illustrates how soul-crushingly cold it was that weekend, and also how close the train station (The ‘T’) into downtown Boston is to the hotel. Hotel Indigo is just off Route 95 and right next to Riverside Station, one of the last stops on the green line, so it can’t be easier to get to — or into the city. Another perk that bears noting with all this close proximity to transportation: Sound. Proof. Glass.

The Bar.

We missed dining hours due to the show we were seeing in the city and slept past breakfast so I can’t speak to the restaurant on-site — an American steakhouse. The bar had a great late-night menu though,  as well as comfy seats, a cool atmosphere, and live entertainment, so we were happy with the goods.

A grab-and-go cafe is also open until 1 p.m for coffee, yogurt, bagels … just enough when all you’re doing is heading back on to the MassPike anyway. Next time, we’re hoping to book a room in the summer, in order to take advantage of poolside service, cabana rentals, and night-time fire pits.

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2 thoughts on “Bright Colors, Clean Lines at Hotel Indigo

  1. Joe says:

    Interesting that you had a positive experience there! Things must have improved since I was there in 2014. Customer service and the basics seemed to take a backseat to glitz. If I’m wrong, tell me so.


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