Movies of 1986 … the good. The bad. The Money Pit.

Just a quick list to get you thinking about some 30-year-old movies … of the many releases of 1986, these are my personal faves. Keep in mind: In 1986, I was nine. So my favorites tend to skew toward the juvenile. View the entire list from ’86 here.

Back to School ~ Rodney Dangerfield and a diving board.

The Clan of the Cave Bear ~ Darryl Hannah as a genetic anomaly.

Crocodile Dundee ~ Easily influenced my views on how men should treat me in a relationship. This may explain a lot.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off ~ “You’re not dying. You just can’t think of anything good to do.”

The Fly ~ Geena Davis loves you even if you’re morphing species.

Gung Ho! ~ Under-rated, but mildly racist.

Howard the Duck ~ Will probably be remade soon by Kevin Smith.

The Karate Kid, Part II ~ Ralph Macchio is the man who will fight for your honor.

Labyrinth ~ One of the eighties’ Bowie touchstones for Generation X.

Little Shop of Horrors ~ Manical dentist is worse than the man-eating plant.

The Money Pit ~ Let’s do BRAD.

One Crazy Summer ~ My eighth-grade marine biology teacher is in this movie. No joke.

Peggy Sue Got Married ~ Kathleen Turner as a teenager.

Pretty in Pink ~ Great soundtrack. Great clothes. Andrew Dice Clay.

Short Circuit ~ So much love for Johnny Five.

Soul Man ~ This one is not going to be remade any time soon.

Stand By Me ~ Coming of age flick centered on a dead body.

Three Amigos ~ Randy Newman has a writing credit on this film?

Wildcats ~ Goldie Hawn is a football coach. Woody Harrelson.

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