Something Scary at the Museum…

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As soon as I heard word of Something Scary at Berkshire Museum, I couldn’t wait to tour the exhibit.

Something Scary is a study of phobias on view through October 31, 2016. This is right up my dark, ominous alley…an exploration of fears. Art presented as something spookier than it originally was meant to be. Creepy lighting.

But at the same time, no-one is jumping out in front of me, no-one is touching me, and no chain-less chainsaws are buzzing in my ear.

Something Scary was developed by guest curator Kirsti Scutt Edwards, director of curatorial affairs Maria Mingalone, and exhibitions manager Jason Verchot, to allow visitors a chance to  – as the press release reads – “explore their terrors and trepidations …through the museum’s existing eclectic collection.”

This is true. But further, seeing is believing and I’m truly impressed with how this exhibit – which incidentally only houses half of the second-floor evolving exhibit space – was devised.

I was greeted with an amazing shadow show that actually showcased sculptures from the museum’s collection in relief. Beyond, a family portrait stared at me… no matter where I went. It wasn’t until I moved to another part of the exhibit that I realized the eyes were cut out to accommodate holes, from which other visitors could peer.

The literary nerd in me appreciated the horror-quotes interspersed among the art, as well as the Vote-by-Eyeball poll asking ‘What Scares You the Most?’ And, perhaps most importantly, my two-year-old daughter loved the whole experience – the pink lights, the ‘snake pit’ (a ball pit with rubber snakes inside…no thanks), and the ‘make your own monster’ puppet station.

This exhibit just proves I live in the right place for Blogtoberfest. The temperature is ripe for spooking.

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