Phone. Home.

I’ve been passing time with Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff lately – a phone-based game similar to FarmVille but set in everyone’s favorite fictional Rhode Island town of Quahog.

Usually, I’m (simply) charged with expanding this little universe through challenges that earn points, with the help of various Family Guy characters.

This month, though, the app has been canoodling with my #blogtoberfest heart with a few seasonal additions: autumn foliage, dancing skeletons, and haunted mansions among them.

Meg is totally possessed, which essentially means I can’t use her to complete tasks within the game; but watching her drift around with her head on backwards while other things continue around her as normal is a lot of fun.

Meg Griffin Possessed

Plus, this little exchange popped up the other day, proving I’m not the only one who noticed Halloween III was a mini-stroke of cinema:

This game is a free app in the iTunes store. Brought to you by comatose habits on the couch after eight.



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