Blogtober Feature: Inktober

I have a lot of Creative friends who are always up to innnnteresting things.

I may be one of the stalwarts of the Blogtoberfest movement, but an art-based October staple is still going strong, as seen recently in my Instagram stream.

Inktober charges artists and designers of all types to complete 31 ink drawings in 31 days, following a series of daily prompts — similar, for me, to the 30/30 Poetry Challenge.

I put a call out last week for some cool real-time examples and boy did the masses deliver. Check it out:

Marc Lapierre

Marctoons is donating to UNICEF through his #Inktober efforts…


Lucas Anderson

AstroLuc actually made his own ink for the occasion…

Cliff Roth

Pluscliff, because Peter Falk.

Debbie Tung

WheresMyBubble made me all introspective and sh*t…

More awesome talent:

Doug Hills

Tom Racine

Scott Murphy

Aaron Wood

KJ Murphy

Michael Valade

Dillon McGuire

Several of these artists were brought to my attention by Merrilee Aurora Hale — my queen and savior and designer of the WriterJax logo.

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