The Top 10 WriterJax Posts of 2022

Reviewing a year of blog posts is similar to culling photos for the annual holiday card. It’s an exercise that sparks memories, offers reassurance that the year was busier or more well-spent than remembered, and always uncovers a few gems in the batch, suitable for (re)sharing with others.

It’s also a reminder that different people like different things…always. The photo of the family on the paddle boat you love? Aunt Gladys hates it. You’re wearing sunglasses and she can’t see your eyes. Similarly: that heart-felt post you wrote about participating in a poetry reading at a museum under a topographically accurate sculpture of a moon? Notsomuch, says the readership. Show me more photos of Cinco de Mayo food, please.

That said, bloggers like me are happy to oblige, and glad to know what people are digging most. Based on views and relegated to posts written within the year, here are the top 10 blog posts of 2022:

10. Continued: Monthly Intro Pages

One of a series detailing a new paper-crafting foray, including details on the supplies used for good measure.

9. A Haiku Inspired by Hotel 17

A teeny poem with a nod to a tiny Glam Icon.

8. I Wrote Some Stuff

Links out to two of my published pieces of 2022 — a haiku (not the one mentioned above — I was going through a phase) and a human-interest story.

7. Breaking Down the Scrap: Monthly Intro Page

…Scrapbookers, paper crafters, collage artists…apparently, you’ve lent me your ears, or eyes. Thanks.

6. Wordless Wednesday: The Foodie Files (May)

No words, just food photos from a few spots in the Berkshires. Includes churros.

5. Hilltown Families Handmade Valentine Swap, 2022

An annual tradition on the blog as well as in the household, featuring a crafty, Avery label-assisted treat idea.

4. A Bitingly Weird V-Day Gift Round-up

Another annual post in which I curate a selection of wacky Valentine’s Day gifts to be had that year. The 2022 installment was food themed.

3. The Incredible, Edible Costume Round-up

The snack brands were out en masse last Halloween with products-as-costumes, in varying degrees of functionality.

2. PumpkinWatch 2022

PumpkinWatch is a Blogtober staple focused on collecting pics of the pumps, this — er, last — year featuring painted pumpkin critters and pumpkin people from Lenox and Chatham, Mass.

1. Let’s All Go to the Bulb Show

A walk through the Berkshire Botanical Garden’s Annual Bulb Show in Great Barrington, Mass., wherein I take a deep, ole’ dive into a particular tulip variety. Glad to see I’m not the only botan-nerd around.

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