Let’s All Go to the Bulb Show

The inside of a greenhouse with many plants and flowers on a shelf.
Spring Bulb Show at Berkshire Botanical Garden (c) jcs 2022

Two years into a pandemic and my house has been hit with the ’Rona for the first time — I’m still in the negative, but the other two notsomuch.

My weekend activity options were thereby limited, but (masked) I was able to check out one of the things I wanted to do: the annual Bulb Show at the Berkshire Botanical Garden.

A closeup of white narcissus flowers
Narcissus (c) jcs 2022

The BBG houses an evolving collection of spring flowering bulbs native to New England, including several types of narcissus, tulips, and daffodils. It shows them off as sort of a pre-season event each year in the Fitzpatrick Conservatory, a greenhouse often reserved for non-indigenous plants and those that need a climate-controlled environment, like cacti.

A green and purple sign in front of a greenhouse that reads the Fitzpatrick Conservatory
The Fitzpatrick Conservatory was constructed in the 1930s. (c) jcs 2022

This year, the show also introduced several new hardies, including pink and orange Salmon Gem tulips, dwarf irises adorably named Harmony and Pauline, and a plant I learned about for the first time today: frittilaria, which sounds like a brunch item but is actually flowering bulb-plant that blooms in red, purple, checkered green, white, or black. They’re also known as Guinea Hen Flowers.

Perhaps the star of the show, though, is Vincent Van Gogh: a deep-purple tulip with feathery petals and octopussian stems. I went digging and, according to dutchgrown.com, the Vincent Van Gogh tulip was first named in 2011 by then-director of the Van Gogh Museum Axel Rüger.

A closeup of a dark purple tulip with feathered petals and daffodils out of focus behind it.
Vincent Van Gogh Tulip (c) jcs 2022

I made a final stop post-show at the BBG’s Rain Garden, which was looking particularly splendid and useful on a damp afternoon. The Rain Garden was designed specifically as a “living filter,” treating surface water runoff from the parking lot through plants and shrubs that complete the task naturally. On a dry day, this garden is often overlooked.

The Rain Garden treats run-off water naturally and provides food and habitat for several types of birds. (c) jcs 2022

More Images from the

2022 Spring Bulb Show

A terra cotta pot with a bird of paradise plant in it, in front of a green, window-paned door.
Bird of Paradise (c) jcs 2022

And finally, Check out photo-journalist Stephanie Zollshan’s photo spread at the Berkshire Eagle.

Black History Month Layout Featuring Azzari Jarrett Designs

In my search for other paper crafters online recently, I found Azzari Jarrett’s blog, which features design, photography, storytelling, and more. In February, Azzari offered some free printables to honor Black History Month, and I was able to use many of them in a recent Project Life page.

This layout was created to document a staged reading of Knock Me a Kiss, a play by Charles Smith based on one period of Yolande Du Bois’ life (daughter of W.E.B. Du Bois) and part of the fifth annual Du Bois Legacy Festival in Great Barrington, Mass.

I also used Project Life journaling/filler cards and my Phomemo printer; 8.5×11 page in a 12×12 album.

Thanks, Azzari!

Monthly Intro Pages, part 3


scrap layout 2022 (c) jcs

This was the quickest “retrospective” layout I’ve made since I started this process: today is March 6, and I’ve just completed this monthly intro page for February.

It’s pink to match the handmade Valentine pages, with plenty of winks to love: including a couple that remind us love can be deathly.

It’s also one of the more literal pages I’ve created; the Scrabble-tile month-label is a nod to an actual game with a friend — notable because it was the first in years. It was a good month for travel and gifts, and I really did spend some time with penguins.


Astrobright Pastel pink card stock

Patterned scrap paper

Repurposed greeting card

Apothecary Stickers

Rhinestone gem stickers

Month and hand-heart stickers printed with Phomemo mini-printer

SHEIN Stationery stickers

Washi tape – Lunar New Year themed

Patterned roller stamper


scrap layout 2022 (c) jcs

We’re only just in March, so this layout is part hope, part intuition, part planning. I imagine the gardening will kick off this month, for one…but I’m not interested in over scheduling myself. Just to keep an eye on the horizon, and to keep writing.


Astrobright Pastel green card stock

Patterned scrap paper

Repurposed greeting card

Repurposed magazine illustration

Original photo

Itinerary sticker

Repurposed kid’s sticker book sticker

Apothecary Stickers

Rhinestone gem stickers

SHEIN Stationery stickers

Washi tape – Lunar New Year themed, light gray

Alphabet, typewriter font stamps

Both pages are 8.5×11 in a 12×12 album; shown in-book.

Continued: Monthly Intro Pages

I posted recently about a new addition I’m trying in my Project Life album — scrap-journal-style monthly intro pages. Here are two more that are theoretically done:


scrapbook layout on a pastel blue background with a hummingbird in the middle

While my first attempt at one of these spreads was more of a vision board, September’s was closer to a retrospective. Looking back at the photos of the month, I remember feelings of hope and rebirth, mixed with the foreboding that, while I was away fighting a different battle, some things had gone stagnant at my normal station.

October was a marked improvement.


Repurposed greeting cards

Apothecary Stickers

Statue of Freedom 2018 $2 USA stamp

Vellum swatchbook embellishment

Rhinestone gem stickers

Month and quote stickers printed with Phomemo mini-printer


Scrapbook page on a purple background

January’s page became kind of a whackfest, but it also used a lot of loose supplies and repurposed items. I think it’s representative of the month; it went fast, we did a lot of art projects, and I had no idea what year it was.


Repurposed greeting cards

Repurposed kid’s sticker-book stickers

Repurposed daily planner pages (vintage ad, New Yorker cartoon)

Repurposed artists’ sample book pages

Apothecary stickers

Month sticker printed with Phomemo mini-printer

Rhinestone gem stickers

Vellum swatchbook embellishment

Sticker Mule swag decal

SHEIN Stationery stickers